8 thoughts on “The Platypus Conspiracy

  1. Oh what a timely post, Scottie!!! David and I were talking just a day or two ago about platypusses … or is it platypi? Anyway, he claimed that they were a big danger to humans, and this video debunks that, doesn’t it? Poor platypi … they stand little chance against those Tasmanian Devils! I shall forward this post to David! Hugs

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    1. The platypus is a monotreme, an egg-laying mammal, found only in Australia. Males are venomous. During the breeding season they are able to deliver venom through spurs located on their hind legs. Venom delivery is believed to provide individuals with an advantage over conspecifics throughout the breeding season.

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        1. Hello Jill. I took it that the hind leg spurs are to kid another male who might want to interrupt the mating couple. But let me look it up.

          Why do male platypus have venomous spurs on their back feet?

          Male platypus have half-inch spurs on each of their hind legs. Each spur is connected to a crural gland — or modified sweat gland— which creates a powerful venom. Scientists think that males use these spurs to compete with rivals during breeding season.

          More venom is secreted during mating season, leading researchers to think that the spurs and venom help males compete for mates, according to the Australian Platypus Conservatory.

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          1. Ahhhhh … makes sense, I suppose. Still doesn’t seem like they’re much threat to humans, but then … compared to other humans, even a Cheetah or a Great White are little threat 😉 Thanks for the info, Scottie!

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      1. Hello David. That is an interesting place to keep one’s harshest weapons. But as you say hard to get attacked from behind when you are busy with your lady when a well aimed kick can put the attacker out. Are platypuses an endangered species? Are they a threat to people or crops? Thanks.


    2. Hello Jill. I love it. The person that does these videos is very funny. He use to have a lot more adult humor and animal clips but with the new YouTube crack down he has had to change a lot of his videos. The US has become a very regressive society in a lot of respects and it shows in what is allowed in comedy. But still even with the attempt to make all videos / comedy PG he still manages to be very funny.

      Give my best to David, both of you are grand and important voices needed in the world today. Hugs

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