Red-Caped Catholic Loons Demand Boston Deny Flag Of Satanic Temple: “A Grave Spiritual Danger To The City”

Only the Christian religion should be able to fly flags and push their religion on others.  Other religions shouldn’t have any rights in the coming theocracy of the United States of Jesus.   

Via press release from the red-caped Catholic loons:

Satanists are trying to fly a Satanic flag over the Boston City Hall to celebrate “Satanic Appreciation Week.” After the Boston City Council refused to allow a Satanic invocation, the Satanic Temple has continued to plague the city to promote Satanic ideology.

Often, the Satanic Temple’s flags contain a goat skull, or other dark symbols of death and decay .

There is no room for Satanism in public. After giving way to a devil group, who is to keep out other hate groups from flying their colors, like Nazis or Anarchists?

Worst of all, flying a Satanic flag would constitute a grave spiritual danger for the city, will break society’s horror for the devil, and will be a serious mockery to God.

Please sign our petition to the City of Boston, urging it to stand strong in its rejection of Satanism.


Sam_Handwich • 3 hours ago • edited

There’s no such thing as Satan. We’re making fun of you. Thanks for playing

Sarah • 3 hours ago

There is no room for Satanism in public. After giving way to a devil group, who is to keep out other hate groups from flying their colors, like Nazis or Anarchists?

It’s like they *almost* get it!

Jay Silversmith • 3 hours ago • edited

With satan behind every bush, I recommend xtians stay home, behind their locked doors to judge and worry about their own lives.

xzargo • 3 hours ago

That’s funny. I feel EXACTLY the same way about your ‘Christian’ flag!

jk105 • 2 hours ago • edited

Religious freedom for me, but no religious freedom for thee. How very right wing religionist of them! Theocracy in action.

8 thoughts on “Red-Caped Catholic Loons Demand Boston Deny Flag Of Satanic Temple: “A Grave Spiritual Danger To The City”

    1. Hello Nan. What I want to know is are these ultra religious people clueless about the fact that they are wanting another religions flag prevented from flying, or is it deliberate that they think only their religious flag has the right to fly? Do they realize the rest of us really don’t think Satan exists, yet they are fully grown adults terrified of a myth as old as the Greek gods? Do they fear angering Zeus? How is it these people don’t see how their myths are the equal / same as the other mythical gods in history? I really don’t understand religious people. I can understand spirituality and having supernatural beliefs, even though I don’t agree with it. But to believe in one god out of the thousands of god myths makes no sense in any way. Can these people show how their myth is truth but the other myths are not without saying because their god says so? Nope. Well I know a guy on YouTube who claims the god Poseidon is the true god. Why, because Poseiden told him so. Go figure.

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      1. Plain and simple … indoctrination. Of course, that’s a VERY bad word among the believers and really raises their hackles, but it fits ALL of them to a “T”.

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        1. Hello Nan. I wonder when gods started to have to be the top god or only god. For thousands of years there were pantheons of gods. Gods and their temples mostly co-existed. There were a few skirmishes, but temples and houses of worship for different gods were like car dealerships on a stretch of road, all different brands trying to attract the most clients. It was part of the game, draw in a new person as they were leaving their normal temple / house of worship. Then along comes Jews whose god over time grows to demand the top god slot and then the Christians who simply erase all the other gods because theirs can be the only one. Then about 1,600 years later comes the Muslins who feel the same as the Christians that their god can be the only one. And here we are. So how and why.


          1. I think “gods” have been part of the human race from prehistoric days. Since the people didn’t really understand a lot of stuff that happened, they attributed it all to “gods.” From what I’ve read, the SUN was the “Big Guy” for many centuries. The gods you mention came along later.

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            1. Hello Nan. Very true. But I was trying to understand the shift from the worshipers of multiple gods co-existing to the followers of the Christian god claiming their god was the only one. What shifted in the minds or society of the time that caused that? Think of how peaceful it would be without the religious violence of people trying to enforce their god as the only god? Hugs


              1. A little research produced this:

                Historians disagree about the origin and history of monotheism. Many scholars believe the first recorded instance of a monotheistic religion was in Egypt circa 1350 BCE under the rule of the pharaoh Akhenaten — and was based on the worship of the sun god Aten. While some believe this is the first instance in the historic records of a truly monotheistic faith, others disagree. In any case, it didn’t last long and more or less disappeared several decades after Akhenaten’s death when the people returned to polytheism.

                Zoroastrianism, which originated in ancient Persian and is said to have been founded in the early 2nd millennium BCE, was a monotheistic faith. Zoroastrians believe there is one supreme deity, Ahura Mazda (Lord of Wisdom), creator and sustainer of all things. Since the faith has remained monotheistic, some scholars believe it was the true originator of monotheism.

                As we know, the Jewish people were originally polytheistic. Religious historians believe they adopted Yahweh as their sole god sometime during the 6th century BCE. In the first century CE, as we know, Christianity was founded based on the belief that Jesus represented Yahweh.

                I also addressed some of this in my book (see Chapter 9).

                Not sure if any of this answers your question, but it seems “religious” history has been through a number of changes … which makes one wonder why so many in our world are convinced that Christianity is “the one … the only.”

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