Retired general explains how to prevent Putin from using tactical nuke

Again I wish I did not have to use CNN.   I looked for this information on MSNBC and CBS and did not find it.  Sorry but again the CC is garbage.  It would make more sense if it was Klingon.  But the information this general is giving seems very important to me.   We need to stop dubbing around and mobilize the delivery of what the Ukrainian military needs as a priority right now.   Also we need to get our ships into the black sea.   They do not need to confront the Russian ships just distract them.  Right now Russia has at least 6 ships and two subs constantly bombarding the Ukrainian port cities.   How long do you think any city / country can take that?  Don’t forget that Russia just bombed a school full of civilians.  Putin is using the black sea as his personal lake to attack the Ukrainians.   The US is the only country at this point that can stop that.   If we have the courage of our ancestors.   This general says that come cold weather over there and after China gives their ruler another term the two countries will be able to work together to pour lots of heavy armaments that will steam roll over the Ukrainian defenders and could take the country.   Time doesn’t work for Ukraine.  The longer this goes on the weaker their position gets.  Ukraine is a democracy that is seeing its citizens wiped out in a war started by a dictator who wants their country.    Do we let it happen?  Does the world let it happen?   The US has an 800 billion dollar a year military, can’t we use it to save the people of Ukraine from bastards that rape 11 year old’s and pull the teeth of preteens to force confessions from their parents?   Any way for those who can hear it here is the video.    OT.  The fuzzy head full of cotton candy feeling is mostly gone and my sinuses / breathing is good thanks to cold medications.  Retired General Wesley Clark shares his opinion for how to stop Putin from using a tactical nuclear weapon in Ukraine.

Retired General Wesley Clark shares his opinion for how to stop Putin from using a tactical nuclear weapon in Ukraine.

4 thoughts on “Retired general explains how to prevent Putin from using tactical nuke

  1. Beeing honest i think the eastern part of the Ukraine is lost, and all politicans know it, because there has to be a neutral zone between the NATO and Russia. Only this guarantees freedom. But the truth is, that in the eastern part there are all the economic relevant resources, mostly Germany and other connected European states have prepaid for. So i am not wondering about my own German government, offering tanks but can distribute them only in some months. Thats a joke, and you will see Germany later also wants to use the two piplines, like nothing had happend. xx Michael

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    1. Hello Michael. Just for the reasons you mention Ukraine and the west cannot allow Putin to keep the lower eastern part of the country and all the seaports. Putin wants to cut Ukraine completely off from a seaport so that Ukraine cannot recover economically. He wants to punish them and drive them into despair so in the future they will come to him willingly with their hats in their hands asking him to forgive him. The lasting peace requires the west help Ukraine as much as needed to push Russia out of that area. I doubt they can be driven from Crimea, but Ukraine may try. They have the right to not give up any part of their country, none of us would be willing to give up pieces of our country.


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