Idaho Gov Candidate: “Christ Will Reign” When I Win

Raw Story reports:

Idaho’s right-wing Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin vowed that “Christ will reign” if she is elected governor. The lieutenant governor is looking to unseat incumbent Gov. Brad Little, also a Republican, and she’s drawn the endorsement of former president Donald Trump after she defended him during an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s program on Fox News, and she has campaigned with election conspiracists such as Stew Peters.

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Last month McGeachin held a rally with Peters at which he repeated his claim that COVID is caused by snake venom in the water supply meant to turn you into “Satanic hybrids.” Which is arguably better than becoming flesh-eating zombies.

In addition to Peters, who has called for executing prominent Democrats and Anthony Fauci, McGeachin’s rallies have featured a cornucopia of crazies, including white supremacists, QAnon nutbags, and militia leaders.

In March, McGeachin spoke at the convention of Holocaust-denying neo-Nazi leader Nick Fuentes. Which is what Jesus would want.

On two occasions last year, McGeachin took advantage of Gov. Brad Little’s out of state trips to issue orders repealing his COVID protocols. Little undid her stunts each time upon his return.


Rebecca Gardner thatotherjean • 14 hours ago

I was watching TV yesterday with the boyfriend and a commercial came on for the batshit crazy Ark thingy. The commercial featured a daddy, mommy, and two child giraffes checking out how amazing the ark was and how much they loved the space. I thought it was just a pair, not a whole family. I guess they don’t understand their own fairy tales.

Just Noh Rebecca Gardner • 14 hours ago

i think the extended version shows them kicking the giraffe kids out and slamming the door.

99sdad • 14 hours ago

This shit is getting too crazy. Specific, obviously anti-American statements like this really should disqualify people from running. Proclaiming her religion as above everyone else’s (or lack thereof) should instantly be enough to pull her name off the ballot. How much craziness are we all to endure? Seriously, I’m glad I’m in my final stretch.

NZArtist 99sdad • 14 hours ago

If only there were something in the country’s constitution about it.

Friday NZArtist • 14 hours ago

Unfortunately the book-worshippers use the Constitution like they use their Bibles: if they even read it, they try to exegize phrasings that suit their hate agendas and ignore what might constrain *them.*

gyges NZArtist • 12 hours ago

Pretty sure there’s something in the very first amendment about this. I think they call these first ten amendments The Bill of Rights, or something like that. Perhaps I am just misremembering things.

Dale Snyder • 14 hours ago

Oh good. So the hungry will be fed (ample SNAP), the sick will be healed (universal health care), the rich will give to the poor (massive tax hikes for them and a massive increase in minimum wage for people who actually work), and every neighbor will be loved (no discrimination against the LGBT community). BITCH PLEASE.

jk105 • 14 hours ago • edited

If her Jesus was so almighty, why does he need this boob to help him reign? Can’t he do it himself?

2 thoughts on “Idaho Gov Candidate: “Christ Will Reign” When I Win

  1. I. Can’t. Stand. It. These nut-cases are going to turn me against reading any kind of political stuff.

    And to think Oregon could one day become part of Idaho! Egads!!!! (Hopefully NOT, but in today’s world, nothing is certain.)

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    1. Hello Nan. It should do just the opposite, cause you to read more political news. Sometimes Ron asks me why I am reading right wing stuff and I tell him I need to know what the enemy is saying / doing so I can respond and defeat them. I post about the right wing religious ideologues because I want the people to know what they are trying to do and the people to rise up and stop them from doing it. I have so many open news tabs that I want to share as soon I am feeling better so that people can fight back and win. I just read tRump under a federal indictment for mishandling classified documents, a hyper religious wealthy business family in PA is bankrolling the Qanon candidate that looks to win the governorship, Maddie Cawthorn tried to sting Democratic support for Ukraine by claiming the US should give 40 billion to run the VA, not understanding the VA gets a heck of a lot more than that. Any way I started this reply about three hours ago.

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