Dahlia Lithwick and Joyce Vance on the Alito Draft

This is audio only about the recent Alito leaked abortion draft.  If you don’t like the opening patter, please skip to the main interview.   There is a lot of valuable information and analysis and something I missed was Alito compared same gender sex to prostitution.    Shows how he views gays and lesbians.    If this ruling stands as he wrote it we are all screwed because he says that if the constitution doesn’t explicitly grant the right, then tradition that his religion supports must be followed.  It is weird to hear how he ignores and hand waves away things that have been said are in the constitution and how he bases his reasoning on his religion more than the constitution.   I have backed this up a dozen times to rehear parts such as how Alito tries hard to push the idea that a fetus is a person with full rights that he then ignores the woman has.   The 14th amendments has always been according to speeches of the time read and by judges to promote the idea that liberty at its core has been to have the right to marry who you love, to have the children be in your home, to not have them taken by others, and basically to refute the entire idea of not just slavery but what it meant to be a person without liberty and control over your own life.    Alito’s ruling tries to destroy that entire concept.   Hugs

Why we should all be alarmed!

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