9 thoughts on “NPR: It’s 19 weeks into the year and America has already seen 198 mass shootings

  1. I think anyone who looks at these massacres with an unbiased eye can see what’s happening and why something needs to be put into place to stop them. The problem, however, is too many want all-or-nothing laws put into place. Such laws are automatically resisted by gun-owners who legally own guns and use them for enjoyment (hunting, target-shooting, collecting, etc.).

    Now, to take it a step further, many (if not most) of these same gun-owners belong to the NRA (or other associations, e.g., America Gun Assoc., National Assoc. for Gun Rights) — all of which are supported by $$$ from their members. Thus, when there is any kind of serious talk about laws restricting gun ownership, they rise up in force.

    So, bottom line (in the U.S., anyway) is this — if it hurts the pocketbook of the folks in charge, the odds will always be against change, not matter how worthy the cause.


    1. Hello Nan. There are some people you are correct, that would like to do an Australian style remove and heavily regulate firearms in the country. But that is not the position of the Democratic party nor most left leaning people I have read. It really is a small fringe who wants to ban guns. That position simply doesn’t make sense if your goal is to cut down on gun deaths and illegal gun use. The US has a gun fetish that has only gotten worse as the right wing media tries hard to create fear and outrage, and there is no putting the genie back into the bottle. it is like trying to put toothpaste back in the bottle.

      People serious about gun deaths, violence, and illegal use of guns know that banning guns won’t stop the illegal use of firearms. I still think the banning of certain types of weapons might be helpful but others with more expertise than I say it won’t work. What will work and what most gun control advocates are pushing for is ways to minimize the damage illegal guns can do and the ways criminals get them. Start by banning the accessories that make some firearms much more deadly, such as large capacity magazines, other modifications that make guns rapid fire or more concealable. Make guns harder for the wrong people to get such as removing background check loopholes and instituting real back ground checks instead of the fake pretend we are doing it way it is done now. Right now if the FBI has not cleared a person in three days, they get the gun no matter who they are. We need real mental health checks both past and present at time of purchase. Also we need laws to remove firearms from premises if domestic violence or red flags of mental health issues.

      Storage of guns is also very important for controlling the death, damage, and illegal use of guns. In most countries to have a gun you are required to have a very strict secure lock the gun up and cannot be stolen compartments that are mandatory. Bolted arm’s safes. Firearms and ammo cannot be stored in the same locked safe. Liability insurance for what happens if the gun is illegally used or stolen. We need to treat owning a firearm as seriously as we do the owning a car or a pet. Criminals get the majority of guns two ways; they have a clean person with no criminal background buy a shit ton of guns that they take across the country to sell or they steal them because every home seems to have an unsecured gun in the bed side table in case of break in. A lot of the school mass shootings are teenagers using their parents or grandparent’s guns. Rittenhouse had a friend buy him the gun he used to kill two people and injure another, that should be highly illegal. These are the commonsense laws I read about most.

      As for the NRA. They stopped being a member supported organization way back when Wayne LaPierre took over in 1991. He transformed the NRA from supporting the outdoor user of firearms into a sales arm of the manufacturers. The real funding of the NRA was not memberships but the money the manufacturers paid the NRA to push gun ownership, gun rights, and gun sales at all costs. The NRA stance changed from sensible rules on guns to no rules on guns and a lot of people dropped their membership over that.

      I want to make clear; I would like firearms to be very strictly limited. But those days are gone in the US. But what I do want is for people to see that making children cower in in their classrooms and 6 year olds wear backpacks with bullet resistant plates in them so adults can take their guns to shop at target or get a sandwich at subways as a penis symbol is unacceptable. Modern societies should be modeled after a dystopian end of society movie. Hugs

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    1. Hello deteremineddespitewp. Sorry for the delay in replying. Yes! The fear is being turbo driven by the right. The brown people are invading from the south, the Muslims are trying to attack the country, the atheist are removing god from the country, the LGBTQ+ are destroying society and making your kids go to sex / gender swapping party, women are killing babies so they can go party, the blacks BLM / Antifa are burning down cities, and it is all the fault of … those others, the non-white, non-Chiristians, the non-males who have evil thoughts are bring gods anger on the country and the best thing would be to end democracy by arming yourself and fighting for Republicans like the Dear Leader tRump.

      Yes you are totally correct and I worry about myself, my loved ones, and my country. Hugs

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      1. They are fools Scottie, marching to a catastrophe.
        You my friend have a good and honest heart, so I will not sully your site with my European reactions to these folk.
        Nor say yet again what I fear is awaiting the USA unless these creatures are stopped.
        Please take care.
        Like Keith with his calm reasoning, the world needs Scottie with your compassion.
        (and if you’ve met him rawgod with his unique against all odds intentions and wishes).
        Jill ‘n me…we’re scrappers, terriers snappin’ and snarlin’ on our leashes
        Best to you all

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          1. Thank you Scottie for your kind words, I will do my best.
            As you’ll know by now the USA is my adopted home and despite all of its many flaws (not dissimilar to many other nations actually), I believe it is worth saving.
            Which appears to put me a dedicated Left-Wing Socialist above a number of Republicans…Freaky yeah?

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