CBS NEWS: Russians fear Mariupol abuse will backfire, U.S. intel shows

Russians fear Mariupol abuse will backfire, U.S. intel shows
The abuses include beating and electrocuting city officials and robbing homes, according to an intelligence finding.

Read in CBS News:

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6 thoughts on “CBS NEWS: Russians fear Mariupol abuse will backfire, U.S. intel shows

  1. There will be more consequences.
    Initially folk seemed willing to accept it was The Kremlin and the Russian folk should not be blamed. As the brutality at street level continues ‘Russia’ and ‘Russians’ are in danger of being vilified em mass, at least in most of Europe, except for Serbia and possibly Hungary, which is another problem.

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    1. Hello Roger. Yes the Russian population seems to be accepting the propaganda put out by the Kremlin and the state controlled media.
      They seem also like our Fox viewer in that they refuse to believe anything else that people may tell them. So yes I am afraid we have to hold them accountable to some extent. The worry I have is it is quite clear that Russia has no desire or willingness to follow accept war time rules or procedures of decency. The reporting on the way they are treating prisoners, including injured ones, is horrific and against the Geneva conventions. The Russian parliament is said to be working on a bill to execute POWs as enemies of the state. Hungary (EU) and Turkey (NATO) are problems to be dealt with as they were going towards democracy or were democracies that back slid to authoritarianism. Their strongman leaders want the benefits of being in the group without the responsibilities. Hugs

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      1. The Russian state as it is now is the child of the USSR, itself built on severe propaganda, an unforgiving security service and a suspicion of outside states. Of course Nazi Germany’s activities during WWII reinforced that belief system.
        Looking from the Russian perspective must always take into account a certain about of suspicion is ingrained with some cause.
        What is not acceptable is the level of brutality and thuggish cohesion.
        A wiser person that Putin could have achieved bringing Ukraine back by an older brother style friendly diplomatic hug and a message along the lines of:
        ‘Hey. Let’s get together again. You can’t trust those folk west of the border, they’d screw you over to make another dollar, pound, mark or franc. Ok we’ve both been a bit hasty. Let’s sort things out,’
        Both Turkey and Hungary have histories of swaying between the two systems. Turkey certainly does not have any love for Russia (about 500 years worth of enmity), but will play it own cards because of its issues with The Kurds (a whole volume of complications there, and not just in one nation either).
        Its the old game again in Europe / Anatolia (Turkey/Ottoman) / Caucasus / Russia (and that is at least 800 years old….well this part; there’s another volume or six in Classical times)

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        1. Hello Roger. From what I understand Putin suffers from the same thing that US congress leadership does. They want what they loved in their prime of life back. Putin loved the USSR and wants to recreate it regardless of what anyone else wants.

          I learned that Chuck Schumer, the Democratic majority leader in the US Senate, is the youngest of the 8 Dem leaders in congress at 71 years of age. Our leaders of both parties are in their upper 70s to middle 80s. They want the life they had in their 30s which is the 1970s or late 1960s. How can they relate to not only the country but the world as it is today? They want to keep society the same as it was back then. Both parties in some ways want to go back to the past. Hugs

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          1. You can learn from the past Scottie, but you have to adapt to the present and prepare for the future.
            Evolution 101.
            Naturally that is a heresy for the Republicans currently in control of their party….and the Taliban.
            To name but two.

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