Unhinged Republican Asks WILD Questions To Doctor During Abortion Rights Hearing

Louisiana Rep. Mike Johnson asked Dr. Yashica Robinson during a House hearing on abortion rights whether or not she supported a women’s right to have an abortion if the baby is “halfway out of the birth canal”. Obviously in shock from the statement, Dr. Robinson threw cold water on the hypothetical even though Johnson interpreted it as her avoiding the question.

“Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) at abortion access hearing: “How about if a child is halfway out of the birth canal? Is an abortion permissible then?” Dr. Yashica Robinson: “I can’t even fathom that … just like you probably can’t imagine what you would do if your daughter was raped.””

3 thoughts on “Unhinged Republican Asks WILD Questions To Doctor During Abortion Rights Hearing

    1. Hello Roger. To me willful ignorance is something to be ashamed of, not paraded on video in legislative hearings. This guy seems proud not to know anything about women, about pregnancy / birth, and only thinks what his talking point says is true. When she tells him that doesn’t happen, he asks her the question again. He is trying hard to get her to say it is OK to kill a baby after it is born, which the right wing media can play over and over and over to prove that the left / abortion supporters want to kill even babies that are born. Because that is what abortion is to them in their minds, it is killing a baby. In their mind they picture that sweet gurgling happy 1 year old or whatever. They are not picturing the unborn fetus. So they don’t care about the facts. Facts just get in the way for them. Hugs

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