Concerns over treatment of Ukrainian POWs; West calls for Russia to reopen vital ports

Concerns are growing over Russia’s treatment of hundreds of captured Ukrainian troops listed as POWs. Meanwhile, there’s an international call for Russia to reopen Ukraine’s port cities to address the worsening global food crisis. CBS News foreign correspondent Imtiaz Tyab gives an update from Odesa, Ukraine.

3 thoughts on “Concerns over treatment of Ukrainian POWs; West calls for Russia to reopen vital ports

    1. Hello Roger. One video I watched was an injured Ukrainian solider who was in a Russian treatment facility. He reported how they were treated. Those medical people do not have the same ethics and standards I was taught to follow. One of the ways they mistreated him was requiring him to speak Russian if he wanted anything at all even medical treatment. They constantly berated him and propagandized to him. There was more and at points he was scared that he would be killed. Other POWs have talked of horrible treatment. Never in history has mistreating a captive been looked on as a good thing.

      That said I worry that the Ukrainians putting the 21 year old Russian solider that killed a civilian on trial will be a mistake. So far I have followed it and they seem to be treating the guy well as a prisoner. The guy has admitted what he did, admitted it was wrong, said he did not want to but felt forced to do it which was backed up by witnesses. The rest of the world will wonder if the guy felt threatened and forced to plead guilty. But it looks bad and I think it is against the rules of war? Not sure as Ukraine claims they have the right. But Russia will retaliate. They will do worse to the POWs they have than Ukraine does to this solider and the Russians won’t worry about the truth or rules of law. Hugs

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      1. Once War is released Scottie, it gets ugly fairly quickly. Death and destruction become common place; training kicks in, pressure to win comes down.
        You do not get civilised war.
        If Russia do hold Ukrainian ground it will not be a comfortable posting for the Russian security forces. The Ukrainian Nationalists (not sunny democrats) of the 1940s to mid 50s waged a low-key insurgency until they ran out of weapons.
        War has its own remorseless logic and it is not one that ordinary folk recognise.

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