An inside look at CPAC’s European debut

Why is the US PAC in an authoritarian anti-democracy country?   Notice the reporters says they are there rallying against the progressive excesses of the west, and that they are for God, homeland, and family and the conservatives want to do what he did there in the US.   What he did was roll back social understanding and acceptance of differences and to take a hardline on immigration.   He also talked about the need to control the media and to limit what they can report on.   Free societies don’t restrict reporting nor what can be spoken about.  The US is losing the being a free country and in red states like Florida becoming an authoritarian state where the government dictates what people can see, hear, learn, and do in all aspects of their lives.   Also Orban wants to not challenge Putin as he supports how Putin has removed LGBTQ+ from Russia and returned the country to God, the homeland, and family.  Just certain families of course.   This is one of the biggest Republican organizations, is this Ameria first?  Is this making America great?    Hugs

CPAC is partnering with a government that is backsliding on democracy and holding its first European conference in Hungary. Included in the lineup of conservative speakers is Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. CBS News Correspondent Adam Yamaguchi is one of the only western journalists who has gained access to the conference. He joins “CBS News Mornings” to share his first-hand experience attending, and the response he has seen following a controversial speech from Prime Minister Orban.

4 thoughts on “An inside look at CPAC’s European debut

    1. Hello Annie. Even now I hear from people they are just not that interested in politics. I am not even hearing a lot of fighting back by the LGBTQ+, most feel helpless at this point. Republicans have gerrymandered so many Republican safe districts in red states that those Republicans don’t care what the people think. They don’t care about calls or letters to their offices. They know they cannot lose but to another Republican. That is not a democracy. We were close but we may have already lost it. The Republicans now have their brown shirt thugs that practiced intimidating school boards and store owners over masks and covid, CRT, LGBTQ+ issues, and now they are going door to door in some areas asking about people’s 2020 vote. Bad times. And I heard yesterday that of the 8 Democratic leaders in congress Chuck Schumer is the youngest … at 71 years old. We are screwed. Hugs


  1. Hi Scottie;
    This weekend, and quite frankly, this month has been a difficult one where death of family has been forefront on our minds, so the conversation I had with my father in which he lamented that the end of our family name would come with my own end, at least this branch of the family, is understandable. And yet, I have no real qualms about the idea that I have no children, nor will I, after watching this video. We have lost something very important in our country when people like despots and authoritarian leaders are a chosen republican hero, and our future is something I would not choose to inflict upon any child – as crazy as that sounds.
    I remember when faith in god and the country were bywords for republicans. But they don’t seem to mind divesting themselves of those pesky things when seeking power. Each day I hear worse and worse, and I keep expecting the old world republicans to rise up and pull this train wreck back on course, I keep expecting them to reign in the attention seeking idiots and thieves and call enough! I keep wondering how far is too far.

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    1. Hello Randy. My sympathies for your family’s loss. You have more than your share of family issues this last year or so.

      The place the Republicans are going is not a place the country wants to go. That is clearly why their party is shrinking and that also is the reason they need to gerrymander safe Republican districts and deny as many people as possible the vote. They are becoming a small minority of rabid religious maga cult members who want to take the country back to a time when white Christian straight males were in charge, women were subservient and dependent on men who used them as they please, black people knew their place and stayed there, while the LGBTQ+ were in hiding daring not to show themselves openly in public. At the time immigration laws heavily favored white Europeans. The white Christian males were kings at home with money for luxuries and time to enjoy them. The economy was booming and their futures were bright.

      But what these thugs or older conservatives fail to understand is the wealthy and the large corporations that control the US right now won’t let them have that economic situation back. The wealthy that control the US will let the rabid right have their culture restrictions as that doesn’t cost them profit, but no way in hell they will go back to paying all those taxes that made the US at that time a wonderful place to live and an economic giant.

      Randy, for a long time I thought I would be a bad dad due to my own childhood. I felt too immature, too selfish, too quick to be angry. Then when we met James as a 13 year old and we started to have such a big impact on his life I realized I could have grown into it. James told Ron the other day he realized he is more like us than his parents that he has not talked to in a decade. He found his parents in us. And in truth I have trouble not seeing him as a son even though he is an adult. I think you would have been a great father if you had wanted to be one, but as you say not everyone wants to be one. I know a lot of couples our age that are very happy not to have raised kids, and I have no idea how anyone could afford to raise a child today.

      Many warm hugs brother. You call me anytime. Did you notice I posted the Titus stuff? Hugs


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