Scathing Atheist Diatribe 483

This is from one of my favorite podcasts. This is a diatribe on how religion is trying hard to take over life in the US and the candidates trying to do that. It is about the candidate who won the PA republican governor’s race who tells everyone that if he wins, he won’t allow a democrat to win in 2024 presidential election no matter what it takes. Hugs

3 thoughts on “Scathing Atheist Diatribe 483

  1. The interesting thing here is that being a Christian (Catholic- by choice) I am in broad agreement with this.
    Mostly because these folk aside from being rather unpleasant folk are committing heresy in their perversions of the teachings of Jesus Christ, son of God.
    (Just don’t mock my personal beliefs or associate me with this obnoxious crew folks- there will be kick back- polite of course)

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    1. Hello Roger. I have many followers of faith. I have long supported a person’s right to have personal faith or a code of conduct. It is in our constitution. But a personal faith or code is just that, personal. Something people use to guide their lives.

      What I fight against is a corporate religious belief that requires the religion to control other people not even part of the religion. Corporate religion is about power, not faith or improvement of the individual. Corporate religions funnel the money of the base to the leadership of the religion. These people are controlling, mean, hateful, and they use their religion as a cudgel against others. I find these people to be unreasonable and normally less intelligent and they tend to not know the bible they base their claims on.

      Me! I am an atheist. I have found no evidence of a deity supreme or otherwise. I do not base my understanding of the world on things written 2 to 4 thousand years in the past. I do not believe in the supernatural, again because I have seen no empirical evidence of it. My spouse believes in the supernatural. I have learned to just listen and nod, without offering comments about evidence, as it keeps a happy home. I have a personal code of conduct that has helped guide my life. It is the way I think I should treat others and how I should conduct my life. It has helped me a lot. But I do not try to force others to live by it, and I don’t claim special privileges for having it.

      I suspect that you feel similarly about your faith. Best wishes. Hugs

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      1. I worked along the lines of….
        ‘This is my faith. You have your beliefs. We’re mortal so we don’t get the final say. If you are for Compassion, Respect and Tolerance, that’s fine by me. Best wishes on your journey,’
        I also have a great interest in all things scientific (even if I don’t understand the nuances of a system) and somewhere along the way my faith and interest in science walked over into each other and there was a:
        ‘Ah! Now I get it,’
        And that’s how it is for me.
        So as you say Scottie ‘No special privileges’ for this fellow. I’m flawed. I screw up. I will try and do better tomorrow.

        You and yours keep taking care.

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