20 Kansas Legislators are members of ‘far-right’ Facebook groups, report says

The Topeka Capitol-Journal reports:

A think tank found 20 state lawmakers, or 12% of the Legislature, were members of Facebook groups deemed to be “far-right,” including ones spreading COVID-19 misinformation and raising concerns about the integrity of the 2020 election.

Some groups began as a coalition of members pushing back on restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic but appear to have grown into a broader range of discussion on right-wing issues ranging from critical race theory to conspiracy theories about voter fraud.

The IREHR report, titled “Breaching the Mainstream,” said the survey was of particular importance given the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection in the U.S. Capitol and the increase in misinformation at statehouses nationally.

Read the full article. Among those found to be members of the groups is state Rep. Tatum Lee, who appeared on JMG last month when she co-sponsored a bill that would provide a blanket religious exemption for all childhood vaccinations required to attend public schools.


4 thoughts on “20 Kansas Legislators are members of ‘far-right’ Facebook groups, report says

  1. Interesting. I’m glad the state party (Dems) are boosting this signal, and you, too, Scottie! I’m very pleasantly surprised to see that in the Topeka paper, which leans quite conservative, but then in the old-fashioned rather than full-on fascist way. Anyway, I’m not surprised nor shocked; many of us have been screaming about this since the first round of tea party candidates got elected in 1992. They’re all nuts, and I apologize for using that pejorative, but it is in regard to their behavior, not the people.

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    1. Hello Ali. I think nuts is the right term for them for people who do not live in reality but in an alternate world of conspiracies and fantasy. I agree with you that the Dems need to call out the right wing and their actions. These are people running for or already in elected office. They make the rules that affect all our lives. The people charged with making those rules should be able to understand the reality that is. They should know the difference between an outright lie proven wrong and the truth proven correct. They should be able to see something as an unreal or unlikely such as the entire Democratic party is child sex groomers who operate child sex abuse dens in the basement of a pizza shop with no basement. They should be able to see that it is wrong to deny rights to everyone you dislike or disagree with in the US if we are to remain a democracy. Hugs

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