At Charlie Kirk Event, Kyle Rittenhouse Hailed As “The Kind Of Man Women Should Be Attracted To” 

This is how much the rabid right gun fetishists will go to prove their love of both racism and guns.   Pudgy boy child who took an illegal gun to a BLM protest with the idea of play a enforcement officer ordering people around until he ended up shooting three people, is their idea man?   This man has no other accomplishments in his life other than arrogantly trying to push people around and then shooting three people, killing two of them.    He is not famous for anything else but that.   Yet that alone makes him the alpha male in the rabid right wing gun circles.    Put the idea of rabid right wing Republican base members carrying guns at polling places in an all new light doesn’t it?    Hugs    

“I just wanna introduce Kyle by saying this, we talk a lot about the kind of man you should want be attracted to. Men, your number one goal is to protect your family and to stand strong in the face of opposition from culture and evil. And Kyle Rittenhouse is a man who does that. God bless Kyle Rittenhouse.”

That’s how Rittenhouse was introduced this weekend at Charlie Kirk’s Young Women’s Leadership Summit. Rittenhouse then thanked the audience for being “strong women.”

Later at the event Rittenhouse claimed to be inspired by Johnny Depp to sue his online detractors and journalists for defamation.


Todd20036 • 12 hours ago

Hey girls! Why don’t you date a murderer? I’m sure he won’t get jealous or stalk you or abuse you.

What murderer would?

🇺🇦 Bayside Lucas Todd20036 • 12 hours ago • edited

Same drama coach…


Ross • 12 hours ago

your number one goal is to protect your family

By traveling to another state, and killing people who were of no threat to your family.

AyJayDee • 13 hours ago

Shockingly, MAGAts’ taste in men is as ghastly as their taste in pretty much everything else…

Snarkaholic AyJayDee • 13 hours ago

“Strong Women” = can carry huge loads of groceries, laundry, etc. by themselves…so the husband won’t have to get his ass off the couch to help.

BeccaM • 13 hours ago

Performative trollery is all they’ve got and their new murder-mascot has no fucking clue he’ll likely end up dead of an OD someday in a seedy motel room, after they’ve discarded him.

Sister_Bertrille • 13 hours ago

You know what women really really love? Being told by pathetic little incels whom we should find attractive.

13 thoughts on “At Charlie Kirk Event, Kyle Rittenhouse Hailed As “The Kind Of Man Women Should Be Attracted To” 

  1. Oh. My. Gawd!!! Those comparison pictures made my day! What brilliant handiwork!

    Beyond that … wasn’t their “hero” still under age when he did his deed? IOW, not quite the “man” these idiots want to glorify.

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    1. Hello Nan. Yes Rittenhouse was 17 which is why he was not legally able to have that gun, but the Republican DA refused to charge him with that crime. Side issue that shows me clearly that the Republican right is OK with a justice system that lets their people commit crimes while they hammer the other side legally for anything, and don’t give POC any rights at all.

      Nan what has Rittenhouse done to make him such an alpha male? Did he get great grades, solve a long time scientific mystery, cure a disease, rescue women, did he join the military and do combat? No to all. So what the hell did he do. Two things, he is shown in a video punching a girl as a teenager and he shot three black lives matter protestors and suffered no consequences. That is all he done to make him a hero. Basically the right wing loves he broke the law by shooting people they do not like and got away with it. They don’t care that the judge clearly was biased and attacked the prosecution and played games on his phone during the trial, they don’t care that he was committing a crime. They love that he got away with shooting their enemies. Hugs

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    1. Hello Roger. Well at least the girls he should want to be with. But he is a young under educated not really popular kid at school who is suddenly in demand, he will go with whatever girl flatters him and lets him have some loving. And he will think he has the world by the tail until it all fades away leaving him wondering what happened. Either that or he becomes another Republican politician willing to do anything the big money donors want him to do. Hugs

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        1. Hello Nan. Well said. I just heard Rittenhouse on Tucker’s show and he sounds so stupid. He is blaming the media now for stoking anger at him so he cannot walk his dog at the dog park, fears he cannot get a job all because as Carlson says the tech platform soldiers made Rittenhouse’s life so miserable. Hugs

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        1. Hello Roger. Have you heard of George Zimmerman? Zimmerman acting as a self-appointed neighborhood watchman protector killed a 17 year old black boy visiting his father in the area. He made all sorts of assertions on how the kid was up to no good and must be a criminal, even after the police told him to leave the kid alone, he got in his face to arrogantly demand he defend why he was there just like Rittenhouse did. The kid reacted badly as the protesters did, and it ended up with Zimmerman shooting him as Rittenhouse did. Zimmerman became the right wing darling for a while. Then as his fame faded the right wing stopped calling him. So he had to keep trying more outrageous stuff to get attention. But it did not end well for him. Right now he is suing the family of the kid he killed claiming they wronged him. He is a huge loser and I see that future for Rittenhouse. Hugs

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