Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick calls for spending $50 million to buy bulletproof shields for school police

This state cannot adequately fund their schools now and just wasted billions on a border stunt that failed.  But they will do anything other than talk about how easy it is to get a gun in their state to shoot school kids.   Hugs

Patrick said he wants police in as many Texas schools as possible to have bulletproof shields before the fall. He’s asked other state leaders to move around money in the state budget to make it happen.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick sits down at a press conference at Uvalde High School on May 25, 2022, in Uvalde. A gunman killed twent…


3 thoughts on “Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick calls for spending $50 million to buy bulletproof shields for school police

  1. These idiots will do ANYTHING to avoid taking care of the REAL problem. The fact that otherwise sane (and hopefully, intelligent) people can’t see the irony behind this is mind-boggling.

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    1. Hello nan. That is true, but it also misses the other point. The Texas Republicans are raiding the budget approved by the state legislature. They are playing with the money like only they have the authority to assign money in the state. It makes democracy and representation useless. The federal government gave the state funds for certain uses and because the fed’s did not say outright that the states couldn’t steal it for right wing projects many Republican controlled states did just that. They emptied the funds for these programs like rent relief to give the wealthy more tax money or fun their pet Republican projects like the Texas guard being assigned to the Southern border simply as a pretend solution to no real problem. It is stealing money for the people to support Republican stupidity. And very few news organizations are reporting that part of it. Hugs


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