Disturbing: Kyle Rittenhouse gets STANDING OVATION at Far Right event encouraging women to Marry Him

9 thoughts on “Disturbing: Kyle Rittenhouse gets STANDING OVATION at Far Right event encouraging women to Marry Him

  1. There is NO WAY I would watch the video. I’ve said what I think about this creepy KID in past comments and I don’t plan on giving him any more of my attention. Period.

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    1. Hello Nan. In some ways I feel bad for him. He is now caught up in a tornado he has no hope of controlling and can only hope to survive the coming fall. Yes he did so much wrong. But at every step he has been someone’s pawn. Hugs

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  2. Like Nan, I didn’t and won’t watch the video. I echo her, too, this is a creepy kid; that he got away with murder sickens me. I’ll give anything associated with him as little oxygen and energy as I can.

    Take care, M

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    1. Hello Michael. As I just wrote to Nan, I do feel sorry for him in some ways. Yes he shot two people, killing two, yes he shouldn’t have been there, and yes he was an arrogant little white prick trying to order other people around because he had a big gun he thought made him in charge.

      But where did he get that idea? From his mom. From the police organization he was in as a teen. From the media he consumed and believed. Maybe from what he was taught in school from racist teachers? He did not spring up at 17 fully formed. Our fucked up society created him, then his people put his ass out there to make a point that backfired on him. Then he was used by his right wing lawyers. During the trial he was used by Fox opinion hosts to make their own points. Now the right wing and Republican party are using him, trotting him out to stand around, say a few lines and get off the stage. He has had so much smoke blown up his ass he should float like a hot air balloon.

      Nothing I said is to forgive him for what he did nor to forget it. I am not giving him a pass. I am recognizing this is a poor stupid kid who everyone used all his life and he doesn’t have the brains to see it. He doesn’t have a very good future as far as I can see. To me he is like Josh Duggar minus the child porn stuff. He even looks like him. I see a used car salesman future for Kyle at this point. I hope I am wrong. Hugs

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      1. I agree with your comments and observations. And that is essentially what drives my unwillingness to give him oxygen and energy.

        Yes, I feel for him and what he’s become, and understand that it’s a toxic blend of ‘nurture and nature’ that fertilized the results that we see. He seems like an unwitting dupe in many ways. Beyond what he did as a killer, albeit acquitted, I was outraged by his behavior with the OK sign being given; with his celebration at a bar; and then his lying about being enrolled to attend ASU. And yes, I see him as a creepy kid, and that’s a misfortunate characterization. I still see it in him, even though he’s a product of our society.

        Now, of course, I must challenge myself on that: by ostracizing him and turning away from him, am I not worsening the situation? Yes, likely. Likely, he’ll garner even greater praise and attention because doing so will ‘own the libtards’. But I can’t reach out to him. I think those walls are too high, and he’s too insulated and isolated in the world where he lives. That’s probably a bitter indictment of me as much as him.

        Yeah, it’s a quandary. Take care. Hugs, M

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        1. Hello Michael. You are correct in my opinion. While he has been used, the fact is he has not really made anything of himself as an adult. He is living on that prior fame and complaining about how bad he has it, forgetting the people he killed. That shows he is clueless and doesn’t take responsibility for his actions. As I said while I feel bad for him I don’t excuse him. After the trial I could see him taking time to reflect on what happened, what he did, and change his life plan. He did not do that. I am sure he was under constant pressure from the right wing, but the truth is he has to make a choice about his future. That fame is going to fade and evaporate. What will he do then? Sadly, he doesn’t seem to have anyone in his life to advise him, but he is taking no positive steps to help change what led to the position he put himself in.

          He was a kid when he made those stupid choices to be an asshole and kill 2 people and badly injure a third. But he is not a kid still. And every day he follows this path of right wing adoration the worse he becomes and the harder it is to feel any sympathy for him. As you say it would be impossible I think for most of us change him now, he is blaming the left for all his problems and seeing a big payoff from his lawsuits. It seems he is digging the hole of his prison deeper. Hugs

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  3. Now we can add douche to list of words describing the creep. I don’t think women are that desperate. He should not be allowed to breed.

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