Fox Host: “You Gotta Accept The Results Of An Election”

“Number one, you gotta accept the results of an election. Get your legal team out there. You go ahead and pursue it aggressively, responsibly.

“And after that, when William Barr, your greatest ally turns around and said there is nothing there, when your MVP Mike Pence who has with you through every step of the way, says there is nothing there, when Ivanka Trump and Jared say we can’t see any proof that there is anything there, you turn the page.

“Donald Trump would probably would have 68% approval ratings right now and ready to be Grover Cleveland, ready for four more years.

“Not that they can’t do that.” – Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade, reacting to last night’s riot hearing.


Elagabalus • 5 hours ago • edited

Oops. He said the one thing you’re never supposed to say, “the orange emperor wasn’t wearing any clothes.”

Brian Kilmeade should expect to see his pink slip in his mailbox by the end of the day.

rmthunter Elagabalus • 4 hours ago

Or — Fox is getting ready to jettison Trump in favor of DeSantis, who is more truly fascist.

WarrenHart rmthunter • 4 hours ago

I was just typing the same thing. They’d rather Trump go away so they can transition their support to Ron DeSantis.

Rambie rmthunter • 4 hours ago

I thought of that too but also could be they’re just trying to get the base to look forward. They know that having the narrative about 2020 still be the talking point will turn off some of their moderate less extreme MAGAt viewers and could hurt turn out this fall.

another_steve • 5 hours ago

The Republican Establishment wants Trump to stop looking “backwards” — to stop obsessing about the 2020 election — and to instead start painting a picture of the future. Tell the American people what he and they envision for the future of America. Ya know… no darkies allowed into our country, no saying “gay” in schools, etc. Instead, the sexual predator is stuck in the past.

Rethugs with half a brain don’t like that.

thatotherjean another_steve • 4 hours ago

Rethugs with half a brain know that he is incapable of doing that. Trump has two motivators: money and revenge. He has no “picture of the future,” except him standing, like a rooster on a dunghill, celebrating victory.

Serene Pumpkin • 5 hours ago

This is in line with the official GQP statement: “this is old news.” From the people who are STILL obsessed with Benghazi.

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