Pro-Trump Pastor calls for LGBTQ Americans to be Executed in most Shocking Statements Yet

Pastor Mark Burns, a loyal supporter of former President Donald Trump and a Republican congressional candidate, said earlier this week that parents and teachers who communicate with children about LGBTQ issues pose a “national security threat” to the United States and added that those found guilty of “treason” should be executed. Coach D reacts.

4 thoughts on “Pro-Trump Pastor calls for LGBTQ Americans to be Executed in most Shocking Statements Yet

    1. Hello Roger. Hate. This guy hates gays. He hates the idea of the LGBTQ+ but if you listen to him, it is the men having sex together that works him up. I bet he loves to watch a few women being sexual, but the men doing it is horrible to him. But I ask why? It has to be more than the bible says thing. No one gets as worked up about gay sex as these hate preachers do, the guy above, Greg Locke, the others who are passionate about killing gays just because of words in a book. This seems personal to them. This seems so emotional a response I cannot understand it. They are not that passionate in their professing their love of their god, so why so much emotion about hating having sex, even if it is not their preferred way? Something is off with these people. Hugs

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      1. They are not even reading The Book properly, researching up on the original meanings or considering the context; which actually does not cover consensual sex between adults of the same gender.
        (Take the Biblical instance in Sodom, that’s more like a first draft of the film ‘Deliverance’!).
        These folks’ views I find offensive and blasphemous unto the faith they are supposed to espouse.
        How dare they.
        Bless you Scottie. You are a good man.

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