Oklahoma Theater Posted ‘Lightyear’ Gay Kiss Warning: We’ll Try to Fast-Forward Through It


Fucking dogs that love gravy it is already started!  The war on even a same sex kiss on screen.  For Fuck sake what is the harm of a same sex kiss between cartoon characters?   Have they never watched Bugs Bunny, he kissed everyone including Elmer Fudd.   This is the Russian model of making the LGBTQ+ disappear, never to be seen.    I am so tired of this fight.   My existence is now seen as a threat to the well being to the evangelical religious / right wing class.    This shit is a serious threat that belongs back in the 1970 / 1980s.   It is now 2022, and we still face this shit.   it the US a fucking democracy or a theocracy?   The people better come out and overwhelmingly vote Democrat and hope that the rigging of the election offices don’t stop the voter’s choice from winning the election.   Hugs

The 89er Theatre in Kingfisher, Oklahoma has come under fire after posting a warning about a brief gay kiss featured in Pixar’s “Lightyear.” A sign was posted on the window of the theater during the movie’s opening weekend warning moviegoers about the gay kiss and claiming the theater would “do all we can to fast-forward” through the scene. Kingfisher is located about 50 miles from Oklahoma City.

As reported by NBC News, the warning post included the following message: “Attention Parents: The management of this theatre discovered after booking ‘Lightyear’ that there is a same-sex kissing scene within the first 30 minutes of the Pixar movie. We will do all we can to fast-forward through that scene, but it might not be exact.”



Oklahoma City’s NBC affiliate KFOR reported the sign was posted over the weekend and was removed by Monday afternoon. One local resident, Patricia Kasbek, told NBC News she first thought the warning was a joke. Kasbek then left a complaint with the theater after discovering the warning was real.




“I told them that it was completely insulting for them to censor a same-gender kiss when they’ve never done this to an opposite-gender kiss,” Kasbek said, calling the sign “cruel” and “bigoted.” “I will never see a movie at this theater while under this ownership.”

Alex Wade, the deputy director of the LGBTQ advocacy organization Oklahomans for Equality, also slammed the theater in a statement to NBC News, saying, “I am not shocked to see something like this happening in my state, but it does break my heart that young LGBTQ+ Oklahomans are made to feel like something is wrong with them. This is why we develop chapters in rural Oklahoma to show everyone that there are people in their corner.”

“When same-sex couples show affection, even the most chaste of kisses, it is sexualized and treated as if it were explicit,” Wade added. “If this were a heterosexual couple, the theater would never even think of skipping it, because heterosexual couples are given the grace to be intimate without being shamed.”

“Lightyear” underwhelmed at the box office in its debut, grossing only $51 million. For Pixar, “Lightyear” ranks as one of the studio’s lower starts, behind 2017’s “Cars 3” ($53 million) and ahead of 2015’s “The Good Dinosaur” ($39 million) and 2020’s “Onward” ($39 million). It’s also one of the rare Pixar films to not take the top spot at the domestic box office, landing in second place.



ColdCountry • an hour ago

I’ve had enough for the day.


Elagabalus • an hour ago • edited


The sight of two animated same-sex figures kissing: shocking.

The sight of dozens of dead school children unrecognizable because their heads have been blown off: meh.

‘Til Tuesday – F!@K THE SC! 😡 • an hour ago

If someone were in a coma and woke up today they’d think they’re in Saudi Arabia or some other religious theocracy.

Elagabalus ‘Til Tuesday – F!@K THE SC! 😡 • an hour ago

I’d say Iran ca. 1978 is a good comparison. On the surface, when the year began, everything seemed fairly normal for women until the instant the Shah was deposed. In that instant the religious fundies took over and everything changed, literally overnight. If it can happen there it can happen anywhere.

현빈(🇰🇷🇰🇿Hyunbin🇺🇸)🥋☕ • an hour ago

America is becoming everything they criticize in foreign countries. Unholy shit. Mind your mental health, American friends. I’m sure today has been A LOT. Like, just the most.

17 thoughts on “Oklahoma Theater Posted ‘Lightyear’ Gay Kiss Warning: We’ll Try to Fast-Forward Through It

  1. I think we are now justified in dropping the ‘honorable’ address for members of the court.

    The justices pinned their decision to a lack of precedence and history for abortion in America. As usual, they lied.

    “From the 1600s up until the 1800s, abortion was completely legal in the United States. In fact, it was so widely practiced that it was advertised in papers and could be purchased from pharmacists, homeopaths, midwives, and even sent through the mail. In the U.S., abortion was legal before “quickening” (the point at which you can feel the fetus moving in the womb). Even the church remained unopposed to abortions at this point, believing it acceptable until “ensoulment” (also believed to be the point of quickening).

    So, when did the view of abortion change from being a common, well-advertised practice into one fraught with disapproval, illegality, moral objections and stigma?”

    In 1847, doctors banded together to form the AMA. It became the male-dominated authority on medical practices. The AMA scrutinized reproductive health care workers, like midwives and nurses, and the obstetric services they provided were phased out.

    (From planned Parenthood. I’ll cite it anyhow. Facts don’t change due to a different letterhead.)
    AMA members believed they should have the power to decide when an abortion could be legally performed. At the same time, the AMA was composed of physicians who lacked expertise in pregnancy and reproductive health.

    AMA members launched a full-fledged criminalization campaign against abortion and female abortion providers. State legislatures moved to ban abortion.
    Even in that, they were controlling women’s rights.

    It’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. – Alfred Lord Tennyson

    I cannot imagine the pain and confusion of being told who one can and cannon love.
    But, “I know why the caged bird sings.”

    How did I twist up this little pretzel? Well, it’s because a woman’s right to choose is directly connected to my right to vote. My right to vote is directly connected to the human and civil rights of every one of us who is not a religious or political bigot and hypocrite. All our human rights are in jeopardy of coming under the control of people who (claim) to believe in a supernatural being who has never had any influence in humanity, except in the mind of (believers) manipulators.

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  2. One other thing, ‘older gay guy’ and all the ‘other’ (black, brown, Asian, queer, straight, Muslim, Christian, secular, hermaphrodite, and lefthanded redheads, there are white straight people who understand that all our freedoms are linked. Black people have more right than just about anyone else to despise white people than any other group. I don’t say that to slight anyone else wishing to express their reason to hate us. Last night I watched some old tapes of MLK. He was disputing the call of other, younger, less informed black men who were calling their brothers and sisters to rise up against whitey. The Reverend Mister Martin Luther King, Junior in each case pointed out that there were more white people on the side of civil rights and equality than there were against.

    The white people who hired someone to murder Mr. King were/are of the same ilk as those sitting on the supreme court today.

    [Verse 2: Leadbelly & The Golden Gate Quartet]
    Got to jump down and turn around and pick a bale of cotton
    You got to jump down and turn around and pick a bale of hay
    You got to jump down and turn around and pick a bale of cotton
    You got to jump down and turn around and pick a bale a day

    These people who call themselves Christians and Republican Legislators want to take us back there.

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    1. Hello Cagjr. I don’t think people should hate white people any more than they should hate gays or blacks or anyone for that matter. I do say that I think the SCOTUS and the religious right wants to take the country back to time when white Christian straight males were in unquestionably in charge. Yes the Republicans want to take us there also. What I don’t understand is why? They wont gain anything and they lose so much. Hugs

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      1. Hi Scottie. I’m not exactly sure why all the hatred and I’m not sure it has only one cause. You are correct in that hating and oppressing everyone else does not seem to bring any real benefits. But in religion and in other despotic states, it is part of their psyche to have at least one whipping boy, as it were. There has to be an enemy of the movement to focus on anger, hate, and fear so society fails to see the real threat in the despots. Abortion, gay and lesbians, all those I mentioned earlier, and new ones, like CRT, are brought up as needed to distract from reality. Remember what Trump said, “Don’t believe what you are seeing. Believe me.” Classic typranical propaganda. The tyrant keeps one or two layers of exposure between themselves and their enablers. Plausible deniability.

        Stephen Greenblatt has a book titled “Tyrant” subtitled Shakespeare on Politics. It came out in 2018. I don’t know if he was targeting Trump but it shows what he was doing. Tyranny and religious oppression go hand in hand back through history.

        What they gain is control over the minds of credulous people. There is nothing ‘superior’ in white supremacists, but they are the people I identify as sycophants and troglodytes. Many of them have criminal backgrounds. Slow of thought but quick to anger. Whether they are armed with rocks or automatic weapons, they will answer the call to commit mayhem and murder with equal fervor. Please don’t discount the “Christian” presence on 1/6. If there are Christians who want to defend their faith against that evidence, I would like to hear it. I know there are sincere Christians out there, but we don’t hear them.

        They hate white people like you and me if we display any empathy for our fellows. Virginia, back in the legal slave days had laws placing poor whites one notch above the slave, so there could be room for them to look down on slaves. All of us are or will be targets for that manufactured emotion. We have been here before. Whether it’s King George or King Jesus, we will have to fight to overcome this. I never imagined my grandchildren would not live in a democratically governed republic. We can’t allow it to happen.

        We split off from the bonobos about 4.5 million years ago. The people who deny that fact the most earnestly work the hardest to take us back in that direction.
        Thriftbooks.com is affordable.

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        1. Hello Cagjr. I wonder if these groups put as much time and effort to addressing hunger, volunteering their time to places that need help like schools or hospitals, if they spent that time instead of protesting, if they cleaned up trash to help the planet, anything but use their religion to a bash others. I know they use to do this and the blog https://endsandbeginningsblog.wordpress.com/ author occasionally talks how his church goes to homeless places and hands out food and toiletries, how they give out clothing, so I know it could be done. But as you say some churches are held together by hate. As to the lowest white man thing that LJB said as long as any people are not regarded as fully human how can any of us say that we are fully human. As you say we all came from the same gene pool. Hugs

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          1. Linda Greenhouse
            New York Times

            “When Amy Coney Barrett was a law professor at Notre Dame, the university’s Faculty for Life, of which she
            was a member, unanimously denounced the university’s decision to honor then-Vice President Joe Biden, a
            Catholic, with an award recognizing “outstanding service to church and society.” The faculty group’s specific
            objection was to his support for the right to abortion. “Saying that Mr. Biden rejects church teaching could
            make it sound like he is merely disobeying the rules of his religious group,” the
            Faculty for Life’s resolution stated. “But the church’s teaching about the sanctity of life is true.”

            Referring to all the briefs filed by religiously (affiliated) groups on (the) SC hearing on Roe vs Wade:
            “That shouldn’t be surprising. What reason other than religious doctrine is there, really, for turning back the clock
            on a decision that nearly a half-century ago freed women from the choice between the terror of the back alley and
            the tyranny of enforced motherhood? About one-third of Americans, according to a recent Gallup poll, want the
            court to overturn Roe. And yet, as we saw last week, the right to abortion is already functionally dead in Texas, and
            its fate may soon be left to the whims of Republican politicians everywhere else. It’s incumbent on the rest of us to
            call out those who invoke God as their legislative drafting partner.”

            I’m sorry to make such long-winded comments, but I can never express it like Ms. Greenhouse.
            We may call it the Supreme Court but it is a cadre, a cabal, of several groups intent on ending democracy and a free society.

            I know there are ‘good’ Christians, that is, people who follow the teaching from the Bible, believing sincerely that it is the actual word of God. I know that all Christians are not Republicans and vice versa. I know all Republicans are not consciously out to take away the rights of all people that are identified as others. Actually, I think Christians have been robbed of their legitimacy by these Christian Nationalists. But, when they vote for Republican representation, this is what they get and it affects us all. If those ‘good’ Christian and Republicans are not in agreement with the GOP leadership nor the Christian Nationalists, it is on them to speak up and make changes.

            I hope you are watching Capeheart this morning, but we don’t all think alike, so maybe not.
            I do occasionally read endsandbeginnings. No problems.

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            1. Hello Cagjr. Linda Greenhouse wrote a powerful statement and an indictment of the situation. It is a naked power grab by religion forced on a secular nation. Yet that is becoming common place with this SCOTUS. It is tragic. This nation never was a religious theocracy, yet they are on a mission from their god to turn it into one, as if their god represented all of us. It simply doesn’t matter to them; it is what they think their god wants to it is what they will do.
              As for Capeheart I like the clips of his stuff I see on YouTube but as I do not have cable TV I cannot get his program. Hugs


    1. Hello Cagjr. No problem. I look for content of a comment, and you always seem to have a lot of history or other informational content. The read was well worth the formatting issue. Thanks. Hugs


    1. Thanks for that link. It is now in my research folder.

      What a day. What a month when it’s highlighted in history. I don’t think it’s by coincidence that the SC released its decision in June.

      It is always the people who cry the loudest who harbor the worst offenders.

      I wonder how many gay and lesbian people I have been in contact with, not having any idea I was supposed to be hating them.

      We were accustomed to saying white privilege. Now we will have to change it to white male privilege.

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      1. Hello Cagjr. Yes and in some places white Christian male privilege. Your point of not knowing how many gay people you have met is a great point. It is not like we gay people where pink triangles … yet. But if they have their way. Still the automatic assumption of people is a married male has a wife. I run into this every time I mention my spouse, I get a reply about her or she. I bet married lesbians get the same thing about their male spouse. I admit I suffered some large mental / emotional uneasiness after the ruling even though I knew it was coming. To have the court overturn the right to privacy is stunning. How do you have liberty without privacy to control your own body? But I bet you know the history of sodomy laws how they started out applying to everyone but in some southern states they evolved to be targeted against same sex actions so the straight men could still enjoy blow jobs and butt sex. WHF is the difference the body parts don’t know the gender of the other partner so why … I am really worried. I went through this hate before and now have to do it again. Shit. Hugs


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