NPR: These candidates lost badly, but now are claiming fraud

These candidates lost badly, but now are claiming fraud
Former President Trump’s influence is growing — with fringe candidates, who are refusing to admit defeat even after they’ve been trounced.

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3 thoughts on “NPR: These candidates lost badly, but now are claiming fraud

    1. Hello Nan. Yes but those monkeys are running for and ruining our democracy. I don’t mean democracy culturally; I mean the real voting structure of the government of the people for the people. By denying the election process every time they don’t win they spread the idea that no voting is legitimate unless their side / they win. Bill Clinton warned the country about that back in the 1990s that the Republicans feel that they have a right to hold all elected office to rule, and no Democrat has the right to be in office even if they win the most votes. Well take it to the extreme point we have today, where no win by a Democrat is legal or correct and must simply be ignored. The will of the voters being ignored is now common and the Supreme Court is now taking a case that says the state legislatures can ignore the vote of the people or just not hold a vote at all and pick who the party candidate that controls the legislatures. Right now they are taking that case, that is the same thing that tRump tried to do, get red states to change the electors to him so he would win. This is the end of democracy and so much more in the US because the right has so entrenched themself in the red states and creeped into the purple states to where they cannot be removed even if the voters want to do so. Hugs


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