Patriot Front Extremists March In Downtown Boston

Holy dogs that love gravy this is history happening again.  The US is being taken over by right wing thugs with approval from the Republican party.   Hugs

The Boston Herald reports:

A group of about 100 marchers identifying themselves by flyers as belonging to the white nationalist group the Patriot Front, cut through the heart of downtown Saturday sparking a confrontation. A scanner call came in at around 12:30 p.m. announcing that a group had gone up to a rental truck parked in the area of the Haymarket MBTA station and off-loaded a number of shields and flags.

Many were U.S. flags, with at least one flown upside-down and many showing just the 13 stars in a circle for the original U.S. colonies, as well as flags featuring different designs. Many flags also had a stylized version of the symbol that represented Benito Mussolini’s National Fascist Party. Photos from the scene show that many, if not most, of the marchers were dressed in matching khaki pants and navy polo shirts and wore bandanas over their lower faces.

Read the full article.

As you can see below, the homocon fake news site Gateway Pundit is spreading the QAnon lie that Patriot Front is a secret operation by the FBI.

justme • 2 hours ago

Today’s Klan

Frank McPherson justme • 2 hours ago

Still white, still wearing matching outfits, still scared white men

biki • 2 hours ago

Again with the anonymous haters. They aren’t brave enough to show their faces, but happy to show their hate. Man up boys and show us who you are!

Gigi biki • 2 hours ago

They took a page out of their grandparents’ KKK playbook. Disguise your identity so you won’t be identified and fired from your job.


Stultus • 2 hours ago

Masks don’t bother them when they are covering their faces because they are racist haters.

unsavedheathen • 2 hours ago

No pre-announcement of their plans to march… so that they meet no organized response. Masks… so that no one is identifiable. Ditto for the khaki/nay uniform.
Immediate dispersal when pushback from the public starts. So brave, these patriots.

JackFknTwist • 2 hours ago

I’m learning US American culture :
– the more flags you have, the more of a ‘patriot’ you are.
So these dressed-up boys must be real ‘patriots’.

Gigi JackFknTwist • 2 hours ago



Jerry Kott JackFknTwist • 2 hours ago

that is how it works, The bigger the Cross you wear or carry, makes you the best christian.

3 thoughts on “Patriot Front Extremists March In Downtown Boston

  1. Scottie, they have the right to march with a permit, while I have the right to say that these white masked folks are hate mongers and narrow minded in their views and actions. As imperfect as we are here in the states, our ability to embrace diversity has made our country better than it would otherwise be. Quite simply, if we place lids on talented people because they look differently than these masked males, we are not only being unfair, we are being unwise. Competing in a world with not all your resources is tying one hand behind your back.

    Dr. Vivian Thomas, a black man, was a principal behind the surgical technique to prevent the blue baby deaths. Alan Turing, the father of computers, per Dwight D. Eisenhower, shortened WWII by three years and saved 750,000 lives by breaking the Nazi enigma code. He had to hide that he was gay to do his work. If these narrow minded folks marching in Boston had their way, can you imagine how things would be different.


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    1. Hello Keith. I wonder if they even bothered to get a permit. Seems from what I have read these hate groups tend to just show up now and do their thing before a large counter demonstration can organize against them. Keith your point on diversity is well accepted and true. But sadly people like Tucker claim that diversity makes the country weaker because in their minds whites are the only ones that create and maintain civilization. Look how these people love to talk about “Western Civilization” as if it is the greatest and only one and in their minds totally created only by white people. So as these right wing hosts push this white supremacy bullshit the rabid right believes it. It encourages the worst in these people. And we all need to stand up to that and encourage the equality and worth of all people. Beau of the fifth column has a tee shit I love that says “Beyond America’s border do not live a lesser people”. Hugs


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