Police Rescue 77 From Nigerian “Rapture” Church

The New Arab reports:

Nigerian police have rescued dozens of people, including many children, from a church basement where they had been told to wait for what they believed would be second coming of Christ, police said.

Police raided the Whole Bible Believers Church in southwestern Ondo State on Friday after a tip from a local mother who said that her children were being kept there against their will. Seventy-seven people, including 26 children, were rescued and two church pastors were arrested, Ondo State police spokeswoman Funmilayo Odunlami said in a statement.

Police said the people had been kept in the church after being told they must wait for Rapture, a belief among some Christians that they will ascend to heaven when Jesus Christ returns.

The Voice Of America reports:

Reports say some of the people had been in the Whole Bible Believers Church for as long as six months and had been convinced they would soon witness the second coming of Jesus Christ. While some of the people are reported to have been kidnapped, others came freely.

One young woman said that she had decided to join the church because “my parents were leading me away from God and I want to make heaven.” Authorities conducted the raid on the church after complaints from parents. The pastor and other members of the church have been arrested, police said.


So, let me get this straight….
The Rapture DIDN’T come, and they waited as long as SIX MONTHS!?! What is wrong with their Jeebus anyway? How disappointed they must be with him!


Still busy rigging sportsball games. He’ll get around to it. Eventually.


save the mother

8 thoughts on “Police Rescue 77 From Nigerian “Rapture” Church

    1. Hello Nan. Seems to be so. But I thought the people would grow up by 2022 and about the end of the world raptures how many have we been told about that never happened and yet people keep falling for the same thing over and over. Hugs

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  1. This is one of the factors that hurts me greatly. Headlines such as these and there is a backlash which assumes everyone who believes in a Supreme Being is ignorant of science, denies the facts of the Universe and automatically is intolerant.
    I have tried to have conversations with some Atheists of the Dawkins school of thought and some of those of the Christian Fundamentalist school of thought.
    And had the same result, a one-way conversation in which I was condemned for my views by folk of very narrow perspectives and unwillingness to accept others’ points of view
    The flaw lies within a Human Factor, be it Religious or Political of embracing an extreme stance. Or the Opportunists looking to make a quick buck by preaching to the converted.

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    1. I agree. There are many who are so VERY ADAMANT about what they believe that any kind of dissension is seen as a personal attack. And, IMO, this attitude plays a very big role in why reasonable discussions are often impossible between believers and non-believers. ‘
      IOW, too many “take it personally.”

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      1. Hello Nan. Just because someone is an atheist doesn’t mean a that person is a skeptic or reasonable thinker. Just because they don’t believe in god doesn’t mean they can tell you why, they just feel there is not one, just as a believer who doesn’t think it through just feels there is a god. Personally I would rather hang out with a thinking religious person than a non-thinking atheist. I like people who can think and reason. Hugs

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    2. Hello Roger. By now people should know there is a spectrum of religious believers just as there is a spectrum of sexual orientation. I have known great people with strong personal faith who are admirable, and I have seen religious people who are despicable. I have posted religious leaders who are decent good people and I have posted religious leaders who are grifters. But that is the same for any group of people. I am stunned to know there are racist bigoted gay people. These are people who have faced and dealt with hate, abuse, and been harmed by bigotry but they are also willing to do that to others. I am shocked by this. I know from personal experience how that bigotry hurts and how it has been used to harm me, why would I ever think it is right to do to others. Plus we have an entire gay political group that is and supports republicans that work hard to deny the groups inclusion and deny them any rights called the log cabin republicans.

      Roger you made a great point. Not all religious people and churches are anti-science or anti-education. I often post people like Matt Powell, Kent Hovind, and other creationist anti-science anti-vaccine hate preachers who think human understanding of the world was at its peak 2,500 years ago. I post them for several reasons, they are dangerous, they are growing in popularity, and power among a segment of the population, and in some cases they are funny to mock. Yes I wouldn’t mock a person with limited reasoning ability normally, but these people are willfully ignorant resisting all attempts to educate them.

      In the case of this post I posted it due to the inhumanity to the victims. I still don’t understand the gain to the abusers in this case. Some of these people were kidnapped. did the church make money off these people somehow? All these people mistreated and unable to leave, not fed properly, not housed properly, what was the gain for the church? Did they think their god would allow non-faithful to enter heaven and give them credit for a saved soul? Did they have a way to take these people’s money or extort their family? Now cults are cults, but even in them there is a gain for someone even if it is sexual abuse of the followers done by the cult leaders. But I did not see the gain for anyone in this abuse.

      Roger I don’t doubt there are single minded stubborn assholes atheist as well as assholes elsewhere. Just because you have not been convinced there is a god doesn’t make you a good person nor even a reasonable thinker. There was a long standing belief and assumption in the US that anyone with the label Christian was automatically a good person and those that led Christian churches were super good people. We know where that went and what happened. Also the other side of that was anyone not Christian was automatically a bad person. And there is a view by some that all religious believe is dangerous and any religious teaching to kids is child abuse. And I can see both sides of that. Yes convincing a little kid that they are so bad that they will burn in hell forever is child abuse in my mind but then the other side is not all personal faith is that nor does that and giving a child a code of good living and personal strength is not a bad thing.

      This has gotten long but please tolerate it a little more so I can be clear. It has been said that people should be judged by their actions, how they treat others. We should look at what people do and avoid stereotypes and attacks designed to dehumanize people so they can be harmed easier. That includes the people of faith and religion. I want to be clear I served in two branches of the US military to give people the right to their faith / religious beliefs, just not to bash others with it. If religion is used as a tool to hurt others, I feel I should push back hard on it. Best wishes and Hugs

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      1. I side with you Scottie empathically.
        In all strands of human interaction there are the intolerant, the bigoted and the dangerous.
        In UK politics some of the most narrow-minded and conspiracy ridden folk prone using obscenities can be found on The Left, the supposed region of tolerance and equality. A discussion can be like trying to engage a MAGA devotee.
        Our measuring scale should always be based on:
        Compassion. Respect. Tolerance.
        If a person does not display those and will not discuss on equal terms: disengage.
        Take care. Look after yourself and Ron (who sounds a hero to me).

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