Salt Lake City could become ‘unlivable’ with the shrinking Great Salt Lake

CNBC’s Kate Rogers joins Shep Smith to report the Great Salt Lake in Utah is shrinking, and concerns it could be the equivalent of an environmental nuclear bomb.

2 thoughts on “Salt Lake City could become ‘unlivable’ with the shrinking Great Salt Lake

  1. Wait. That can’t be right! I just heard some well bought politician who barely made it out of freshman highschool science tell me that the Scientists and Climatologists are all wrong?? How could there be a problem? I mean, we had that nice girl come over and be abused by a “very stable genius” for telling us this near exact thing years ago. Obviously she was lying…

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    1. Hello Randy. The orange man never listened to adults he sure couldn’t admit a teenager was smarter and understood more about the earth than he did. I cannot understand how so many republicans paid by the fossil fuel producers did everything they could to silence and mock climate change who now are getting a pass for what they said and did. No one is holding them accountable. Not one rabid right winger is shouting about being lied to while their lands are destroyed. Damn these people got away with being paid to ruin the global climate, ruin food production, ruin the water supplies, all the other effects caused by the heating up of the planet. They made their profit; I hope they can eat money when the food runs out. Hugs

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