STAT: Fear of prosecution forces doctors to choose between protecting themselves or patients

Fear of prosecution forces doctors to choose between protecting themselves or patients
State laws criminalizing abortion have put physicians under intense scrutiny and made them fearful, with implications that extend well beyond abortion.

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6 thoughts on “STAT: Fear of prosecution forces doctors to choose between protecting themselves or patients

  1. The mentioned cases a just a teeny, tiny drop in the bucket of things that could go wrong in a pregnancy and/or the problems that individual women face in their efforts to become pregnant. But the politicians and the judges are FAR more concerned about their religious beliefs than they are about the female human body. All they see is a healthy woman choosing to abort an “unwanted baby.”

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    1. Hello Nan. It is because they do not see the woman behind that fetus. Really I really think the whole thing comes down to the way the right wing men see women. That possible offspring may be male, and if not it is still the issue of a male, so in their mind it has more worth than the living breathing female. The female loses all functional worth as a person and at pregnancy only has worth as an incubator. After birth the woman gains some personal worth again for what service she can provide for males, until she becomes pregnant again and the cycle starts again. it is misogyny at its worst. The other thing is the right has done a great job convincing their side that the fetus is a bouncing baby just waiting to be born instead of the reality of what it starts at and is until it is even viable. They think there is a baby in there being killed, instead of the stages of fetus growth. Hugs


      1. Scottie, I really don’t think it goes that far. I do think religion comes into play as far as the male being the “dominant” species, but I just don’t think that as a rule men give it anywhere near the thought that you outline. As a rule, at least in my own experiences, men are far more interested in themselves and the image they are presenting to the world (other men) than much of anything else. Sure, women enter the picture … as conquests. Not so much as the bearer of children.

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        1. Hello Nan. You could be correct. I was thinking of the guys standing on the church steps who yelled at the women “We won and you lost, you are having my baby”! I have posted of that Christian nationalist Nick Fuentes who on his channels and speeches says women should be in the home taking care of it and the man’s children. Granted these are only the vocal outspoken ones I am hearing and watching, but they are the up and growing right wing voices. So I really think it is about removing rights from women totally, not just in their right to abortion. I keep saying the right wants to take the country to 1950, but the other day I read an article by someone who said the right really wants to go further than that back to the 1850’s. And I agree that is what they want. Think of the position of white men in that time frame. Think of the situation for women, minorities, and there were no progressive ideas at all. IMO Hugs


          1. Yes, I think the ones that want total dominance are definitely in the religious world. But not every denomination believes that way … and the press, by its very nature, is spotlighting the flakes. Further, most women today are not about to be put under a man’s heel. They have gained a place in the world and they’re not about to let it go!

            Yes, the Christian Nationalism movement is pushing its way into government –and they may very well succeed. But as they try to take away more and more of the freedoms that WE have gained over the years, I think they’re going to run into some very STRONG resistance.

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            1. Hello Nan. I hope you are correct; I really do. But it is harder to win back rights lost than get them in the first place. I admit I am worried. Are the ones not paying attention before waking up now, or are they still too worried about trying to feed their families and pay the rent? Car payments over $700 dollars, rents in my area of Florida of $1700 to $2000 grand a month for a 2 bedroom in an area that mostly pays slightly above minimum wage. People are scared and frazzled wondering how to make it. I cannot imagine how a family with teenagers buys food. Hugs

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