Carlson Blames Mass Shootings On “Lecturing Women”

“So, why didn’t anyone raise an alarm? Well, maybe because he didn’t stand out. Maybe because there are a lot of young men in America who suddenly look and act a lot like this guy.

“And of course, they’re angry. They know that their lives will not be better than their parents’. They’ll be worse. That’s all but guaranteed. They know that. They’re not that stupid.

“And yet the authorities in their lives – mostly women – never stop lecturing them about their so-called privilege. ‘You’re male, you’re privileged!’

“Imagine that. Try to imagine an unhealthier, unhappier life than that. So, a lot of young men in America are going nuts. Are you surprised?” – Tucker Carlson, last night.


George K Wright • 9 hours ago

What dumbass would spend an hour of their lives every night watching this asshole?

TnCTampa George K Wright • 9 hours ago

Bout 40% of the people who vote in every election in this country. Which makes them the dominant “voting” bloc in our country.

SkokieDaddy – wiener dog dad • 8 hours ago

there are a lot of young men in America who suddenly look and act a lot like this guy. “And of course, they’re angry.

Because they and their parents have been carefully indoctrinated by Fox “News”, the Republicans and the entire right wing bubble.

Blacks are taking your jobs
Mexicans are taking your jobs
Drag queens / liberals / teachers / Hollywood are grooming your children
Obama / liberals / deep state want to take your guns
Vaccines have micro ships
etc. etc. etc.

The right wing echo chamber indoctrinates for thoroughly and effectively than ISIS.

RomanHans • 9 hours ago

Wow. Constantly getting lectured? That’s far worse than being killed for selling cigarettes on the street.

Charles in Bloomington RomanHans • 9 hours ago

Right; I’m thinking of the many people around the world whose situation is truly hopeless. Being white, American, and lectured doesn’t rank high on that list.

olandp • 9 hours ago • edited

Lecturing women? So, Laura Ingraham?

heleninedinburgh • 9 hours ago

It’s anything but white supremacist propaganda and the easy availability of military-grade weapons that leads these people to kill folk. Anything.
It’s so desperate it would be funny if it wasn’t for the pile of bodies.

California Corgi • 9 hours ago

“Try to imagine an unhealthier, unhappier life than that.” – Yes, being LGBTIA and being told constantly that you’re an abomination and going to hell.

S_E_P • 9 hours ago

So which is it? Strong mothers used to be accused of creating gay men (for some reason these creeps never seem to obsess over lesbians)
NOW strong mothers create mass murderers?

Bilderbeck • 9 hours ago

Tucker Carlson Spent A Week In Brazil Slobbering Over Strongman President Bolsonaro

“We can add Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro to the list of right-wing authoritarians who make #TraitorTucker Carlson swoon as he poops all over the U.S. while on foreign soil.

“Tucker Carlson’s vicious anti-Americanism is disturbing enough, especially coming from a network that presented tweets about enjoying Memorial Day Weekend, from President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, as insufficient love for the troops and America. Not so coincidentally, Carlson actually smeared the troops on the next day, Memorial Day, saying on the air, “Our military, at times, does not seem interested in protecting the country.”…

Kelly Lape • 6 hours ago

He’s not just blaming the victims, he’s encouraging future violence in the name of “manliness.”

CB • 9 hours ago

So if you can’t be a coddled white supremacist who should consider the privileges from the accident of your birth and consider how others can be helped to improve their lives, killing random people with a military weapon is justifiable?

Stop and think that about how it is those very people–entitled, white, rich–in search of ever greater profit and damn the consequences for “little people” who created this world where you might not do as well as your parents.

And then consider that the anti-social cynicism, expressed by this clown is just a trick to keep you watching the advertising that pays for this.

Will • 6 hours ago

“They know that their lives will not be better than their parents’. They’ll be worse. That’s all but guaranteed. They know that.”

Notably, Tucker neglected to point out that the depressing future he describes for those kids is almost entirely due to Republican policies that have pushed all economic gains to the top 1/10th of 1%.

He should rename his show the “Tucker Carlson Nightly Disinformation and Propaganda Spectacular”

BensNewLogin • 6 hours ago

“ They’re not that stupid.”

There is an entire world of discourse in those four words. We should definitely blame women for the poor choices of these poor, stupid, snowflake, violent, unmanly boys. We can take the blatant misogyny all the way back to the very first poor, stoopid, Snowflakey, unmanly boy.

“The woman you made for me gave me of the fruit of the tree, and I did eat.”

It is hard to tell whether Cucker‘s low opinion of males is exceeded in bottomlessness only by his low opinion of AMerican women.

2 thoughts on “Carlson Blames Mass Shootings On “Lecturing Women”

    1. Hello Nan. That same day different Fox hosts blamed the shootings on video games, pot, being woke, mental illness, no prayer in school, lack of religion, and one even said we needed exorcisms. There were a few other things but I forgot the entire list. The point is they blamed these shootings on everything but … the easy access to guns. Just like the republicans in office it seems they will throw out any reason as long as they don’t have to mention guns.

      Now lets talk about lecturing women. He claims that having women in charge of other countries shows those men that they are no good and not men anymore, yet they don’t go around shooting up people. He may have a wife who has to boss him around at home because he needs it, but he seems to resent any woman in charge or in authority over a man? Why? Why do so many men automatically get their back up by women being in charge. Anyway, there is no way to blame the problems in the US on women, the men have been in charge. Hugs

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