3 thoughts on “Pastor needs to NOT call people freaks

  1. While his points are well-made, why must bible scripture be used as a reference point? Is the bible the only place that talks about how we should treat others? I recognize that it’s one preacher referring to another preacher, but IMO, this is the crux of the problem. STOP using the bible as the reference book because a person can find WHATEVER they want to support within its pages. In fact, i would lay odds that the “preacher” who said the ugly stuff felt the bible backed him up!

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    1. Hello Nan. Interesting question. In this case the audience he was trying to reach was the Christian bible believing ones. Now how to reach bigots who base their hate on the bible without using the bible is pretty hard I have been trying to do that for years. But in debate classes I learned it was more than just stating facts you have to be able to reason with those facts, tie them into something that the other person can see how it makes sense. Hugs

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