Gavin Newsom finally WRECKS Ron DeSantis in must-see takedown

10 thoughts on “Gavin Newsom finally WRECKS Ron DeSantis in must-see takedown

        1. Hello Roger. I hope so, one of the problems Democrats have is they seem to have trouble criticizing and attacking their opponents on the right. It seems like they have no stomach to fight back. The republicans are gang thugs and democrats are nice people in a debate club. Hugs

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          1. Agreed Scottie.
            The Democrats are lacking folk with the proverbial fire in the belly.
            Also the raw-boned ‘preacher’ type who will take on the Republican vote and tell them to repent because the ‘allegorical’ judgement day is coming.(ie the possible collapse of the USA as it is)

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            1. Hello Roger. Normally by this time I am deluged by our primary ballot candidates and their positions. It use to be the elections supervisor for our county would put out all the information complete with links. NOT THIS TIME. Not having gotten anything in the mail I just went to the elections office and found out that our primary early voting is less than a month away and the official voting day Ron will be gone. Plus when I tried to find out who would be on the ballot there was nothing. To even see the candidates I would have to download them to the computer rather than read it online. To find out any information I will have to search them out individually. DeSantis and his republican thugs including our new republican elections supervisor for the county are really making it hard for people to know when and where to vote. Hugs

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                1. Hello Roger. I went to the democratic party of Florida website, and they did not have much information, just a lot of requests for money. In a few days I will go to the candidates pages themselves if I can find out who is running locally. I know one candidate for Senate, but that is all. Hugs

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