Surveillance video captures moment Russian missiles hit

Vinnytsia, a central Ukrainian town far from the front lines, was struck by three Russian missiles. The attack left over 20 civilians dead, including three children

The video CC is shitty. But the Russians are using gang rapes of women, children, and not said here but I read a verfied report of two twin 10 year old boys. Russians have set up torturre chambers and are using Ukrainian civilians as sheilds. They are targeting civilians in a war of terror as they have done in other places to break the will of the Ukrainians to resist them. I don’t think it will work. Hugs

4 thoughts on “Surveillance video captures moment Russian missiles hit

  1. Strategically they could eventually overwhelm the Ukranian conventional army. Their security forces will then bleed out in a Ukraine rife with pin-pick, knife-slash attacks by insurgents, fed by a steady supply of low grade weaponry by the West.
    WWIII started in Afghanistan and Iran manifesting itself as street level disenchantment with Democracy and Communism and spread.
    Whether the war in Ukraine is a separate War or another tenuous aspect of this WWIII will be something for the historians of a much later era to discuss.
    Suffice it to say friendly co-operation with Russia is now a thing of the past and unlikely to be seen again in the next couple of decades.

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    1. Hello Roger. Not sure I understand the world war 3 stuff, but I don’t think Russia could overwhelm the Ukraine in any meaningful manner. I think if they tried it would be gaining some territory, being pushed out of it, gaining it somewhere else, and being pushed out, and back and forth they would go. The interesting thing as Ukraine has shown it can stand up to the Russians the western world has shown ever more interest and willingness to deliver weapons / systems that really can help the Ukrainians and really hurt the Russians. The longer this conflict goes on the less the world cares about Russia threats of “using nukes” and angrier at the crimes against humanity the Russians are doing. Russia is plundering the grain that the world is used to having and the Ukrainians need the income from. I think when this is done reparations for every bit of that stolen grain needs to be paid for by Russia. This is a conflict they started and are continuing for the sake of territorial conquest, something that shouldn’t be happening in our modern age. Hugs

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      1. There is a parallel here with the 1939-40 Winter War when the then USSR invaded Finalnd, suffered horrendous losses but eventually wore Finland down.
        Russia has the population capacity to do the same. As you have pointed out though the West can also drain Russia but only if it is prepared to pay the price and navigate the Gas Supply issue which will hurt nations such as Germany.
        The two questions will remain
        (1) Which nation’s moral will hold
        (2) How long will The West remain as one bloc willing to support Ukraine at this level.

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