Woman Denied Contraceptives at Walgreens Because of Religion

Not even married women are safe from a religious extremist imposing their beliefs on them. Walgreens backs up Christian Zealot Employee who refused to sell condoms to a married woman and her husband.

The battle for reproductive rights moves to the front register |

Star Tribune https://www.startribune.com/the-battl…

6 thoughts on “Woman Denied Contraceptives at Walgreens Because of Religion

    1. I want to add, that things were like that here in KS when Brownback was governor. Some grocery stores underwent pressure to move their condom, etc. aisles where everyone checking out can see people purchase their personal items. That ticked me off so bad-I walked up and bought a boatload of condoms and sponges, then gave them to the food bank. Others were also PO’d, and the shelves were moved back in line with other personal care aisles after about 6 weeks. Lots of things like that can happen to anyone under the banner of religious freedom.

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        1. Hello Ali. Thank you for being a warrior for women’s rights before it was even understood the rights attack was on going. I wish I had some words that would make things better. But the truth is females are under attack right now in the US and in some states have been for a while. In your state clearly Brownback was the harbinger of what was to come. Why republicans hate women so much I don’t understand. Seriously I don’t get that kind of hate or need to control that republicans have over women. As to your being part of the plan b movements. Let me be very clear!!! very clear!!! You MAY post such links or articles or anything that helps promote plan B access to those who need it regardless of the state they live in. I will support your comments as long as I have this blog. I know that Facebook and twitter are taking down all the information and links to those medications. I think that is wrong. Thank you, Ali, for what you are doing to help those who need help at this time. Many Hugs

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