$10K bond for man arrested after UpRising Bakery vandalized, drag show canceled, police say


This is their goal.  To shut them down.   They don’t care they get arrested; they use it as a badge of honor.    This is domestic terrorism.   This is their way of taking the LGBTQ+ / Drag queen story hours out of the community and public view.   God damn it this has to stop.   This is religious terrorism.   It ignores the majority that like and approve of these events for their kids.   But what place will they hold them in when those places know this will happen or worse these haters will storm the event and the police will not protect them.    Is this a land of the free or a fucken theocracy of the rabid right.   Where is this great right of freedom the right wing haters want to claim all of us have?     Hugs

The business has been experiencing harassment and threats

At the northwest suburban bakery’s owner said she canceled the event after someone broke the business’ windows and spray-painted slurs on its walls overnight Saturday.

An Algonquin police sergeant saw the suspect flee on foot, authorities said. Joseph I. Collins, 24, was taken into custody at about 12:05 a.m.

Collins’ bond was set at $10,000 and he remains in custody, police said.

The bakery had been experiencing a flurry of online and in-person backlash against the business hosting it.

Since announcing the drag show for all ages, UpRising Bakery and Cafe owner Corinna Sac said she received numerous threats.

“One morning I came in and there was a bag of feces outside. There was a letter taped to the door that said pedophiles work here,” Sac said, recounting just some of the hateful incidents of the past few weeks.

“Someone came in, did a perimeter walk around our cafe, commented on how disgusting and dirty it was, and then spit on our case,” she said recounting another incident.

The baker and mother of two was shocked by the hostility toward her and her business in person and online after she posted about a drag show event she planned to host there this weekend.

“To take a really fun time, like a drag show, and then make it more family-friendly to involve everyone and anyone,” she said.

Now, the Lake in the Hills Police became involved, investigating the threats and working closely with Sac amid potential protests from anti-LGBTQ+ groups this weekend.

“The department will be taking a zero-tolerance approach for those individuals who choose to attend with plans to engage in acts of violence or criminal activity,” police said.

“If this is the hill that we die on, I’m gonna die loud and proud because we’ve always fought and said equality for everyone,” Sac said.

When she still planned for the show to go on, Sac said any accusation of targeting children is completely false.

“We were not targeting kids. We were opening it up to families who felt like (the drag show) was OK for their kids,” she said.

While she said she’s lost customers, Sac is gaining new ones, like Carol White.

“I have a grandson who just came out as trans. He’s 18, and I support him and I support this business. We are gonna be regulars at this restaurant,” White said.

“I just felt so right in my soul, like, standing up to all the online stuff and not letting it bring us down,” Sac said.

Sac has been in regular contact with Lake in the Hills Police. They’ve even added new cameras at the front and back of the property after the in-person harassment. They are also patrolling the property once an hour.

In addition to the groups named below, I’m betting @LibsOfTikTok had a hand in this.



Boreal • an hour ago

Let me go out on a limb here and say I bet he is a trumpanzee and member of some fringe white supremacy group.

Houndentenor • an hour ago

All lgbt and lgbt-friendly businesses need to install cams. They aren’t that expensive any more, and these kinds of attacks are going to become more and more common.

AyJayDee • an hour ago

Apparently Andy Ngo had a role


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