Nan made a very great point I feel needs more exposure.

Nan added a comment to one of my posts.  I love comments.   And her comment was so spot on I wanted to highlight it and give it a post of its own.    Below is Nan’s comment and my response.   Best wishes and Hugs.  

    1. I think you know in your heart of hearts, Scottie, that it’s not the marriage that they’re upset about. It’s the relationship of two individuals that, in their opinion, should not exist. The resistance to marriage is just a tool to express their thwarted religious viewpoint.

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      1. Hello Nan. You are so correct it hurts. They are obsessed with sex, and the kind of sex people with the same sex organs maybe having. I keep saying that these people think of same sex action more than we gay people do. Nan sorry to be explicit / suggestive, but I need to make the point. You walk through a store, and you see two guys or two girls walking together, they may be sharing a shopping cart. What do you think? Real first impressions. Maybe how they look or act, how they are dressed or what might be their interest or in their basket? If like most of us, you just navigate by them without giving them much thought. But that is not how these bigots are being trained to think. They come on two men like Ron and I shopping, or two women and they are indoctrinated to immediately wonder about our sex life. That is sick, but all these people are obsessed with what we may do sexually or in bed with our private parts.

        In years past thankfully in the past, when people would learn Ron and I were gay we would be asked … So which one of you is the woman? WTF? Really that is what gets you going to know what we did with our parts? But yes that was the constant go to of the right wing haters … they put their penis in the other persons butt, or in their mouth oh my gods!!! That was the drive behind sodomy laws. But then someone figured out that hey, straight couples do that also. Oh shit, so deep republican states started rewriting the laws to say that oral and butt sex between straight couples were legal but oral and butt sex between same sex guys was illegal. That was what got Lawrence in Texas made an illegal law by SCOTUS, it applied to only man on man but exempted man on woman sex of the same type.

        So you are very correct, that is what they are going after. It started now with abortion. Matt Walsh a prominent right winger said if a woman is not willing and ready to have a baby, they shouldn’t have sex! No matter what. In his mind (I posted that earlier) if a woman wants / allows sex with vagina and penis they must be willing to have a baby. WTF. That disregards the feelings and pleasures of the act and of women. This what it is all about, denying women any sexual pleasure. Notice he doesn’t attack the man who is involved does he? It is all about if a woman has sex for any reason even rape, she must accept the risk of being pregnant. Now it is any contraception they are going after. Again, these things do not affect the males in this act, only the females. Why are these same law makers not screaming about increasing penalties on rape or increasing funds for processing rape kits? What does this have to do with the topic of the post, it all comes down to sex.

        Why is it trans women the right wants to talk about. They seem unconcerned about trans men. It all goes back to the right wings obsession with what is between a person’s legs and what they are doing with them. Women to the right wing are not important, so what if they want to claim they are men, the right laughs it off. But a man with that grand valuable penis saying they are a woman scares the crap out of them. It impacts their view of masculinity. Why is this important? Remember Josh Hawley the fist in the air guy who ran away from the Jan 6th rioters? He wrote a book and is campaigning on men are not masculine enough.

        Because that is how they view gay sex. They don’t see it as a wonderful loving giving event of two people who adore each other and who want to give pleasure to each of them. They see it as a conquest, an act of submission or even violence. One lessor male submitting to the more dominate male who uses them. Even as I typed that sentence, I cringed thinking of so many right wingers getting off on it. They see the males in a gay relationship in the view of one alpha top having his way with his … “woman”. And that is how these people see their relationship with their wives and girlfriends. They are having their way with them. That is so scary to me. Really it is all about the male’s pleasure with them. They have no clue about how it can be about both or all people’s pleasure.

        One last thing. I don’t know if they are terrified if they don’t please their female partners enough or even try. I don’t know if they are jealous of the sexual relationships of same sex couples. What I do know is it is on their minds constantly is that women might not need them. Ted Cruz when he was AG in Texas tried to make dildos illegal. WTF. Really? Was his wife so disappointed in him in bed she resorted to them? But this is the mindset of the Republican radical right, they want to control everything you do with the parts of you below the waist.

        Sorry for the graphic parts but it is important to understand just how over the top and controlling the republicans want to be. Any woman wanting to cross state lines in a red state will have to provide an immediate pee test verification she is not pregnant. Hugs

13 thoughts on “Nan made a very great point I feel needs more exposure.

  1. Scottie, thanks for the replay of this. I am reminded of the recent history when California’s Proposition 8 went before the SCOTUS. The two most prolific SCOTUS attorneys, one conservative and one liberal, joined together to support same sex marriage. The message was simple and twofold. First, same-sex couples deserve the right to become a family in the eyes of the law. Second, people who do not like this have no standing on the issue. It matters not what they think.

    I saw where Franklin Graham is on one of his tirades to defeat this bill and not let it come up for a vote. It is not unusual for Graham to be on the wrong side of bigotry. A question I would have for the reverend is if God hates gays and lesbians, why did he allow a gay man to save over 750,000 lives in World War II and shorten the war by two years per Allied Commander Dwight D. Eisnehower? Alan Turing had to hide that he was gay as he led a team to solve the Nazi Enigma code. He is just one example of a great many.


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    1. Hello Keith. I often felt that those opposing marriage equality on religious grounds fail to understand marriage in the US is a secular legal contract that confers a lot of civil legal protections and benefits on the couple involved. When a religious marriage is done the standard is by the power vest in me by the state of … Before a religious marriage can be conducted you have to get a license from the state, and fulfill state requirements, not religious ones. We are not religious, so we got married by the county clerk and back then in deep red Florida four different clerks vied for the right to do it. We were the first same sex couple in our county. They were over the top grand about the whole thing. I wonder if it is the same now? But it is a legal not religious issues and it has nothing to do with any other couple. Don’t want to have a same sex marriage please don’t marry someone of the same sex. I remember straight couples claiming they would divorce if marriage equality was allowed, and preachers were saying that no one would want to be married if gays could do it. Which always confused me about straight people? Are they all turning gay if they can get married to the same sex?

      Keith I will be honest with you. I lived through some bad times in places where being gay was dangerous. I fought the fights for equality, I did the marches, I got beat up for it, I lost promotions, and got fired from jobs for being gay. I am tired. I am old and thought this fight was behind us. I thought people had started to understand equality. I cannot imagine the struggle black people have fought and how they keep going, nearly 156 years after they were promised equality. But somehow, I must gather the energy to fight some more. I will be damned if I go quietly into a closet or accept second place status. Hugs

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      1. Scottie, it is hard for me to put myself in your position. I feel the debilitating nature of the struggle you thought you at least moved beyond. We need more people, especially Republicans, who have moved beyond this to speak out against those who are like sharks in the water. What frustrates me most is the one thing Trump understood in 2016 is he could play the judge card. To his credit, he took an already prepared list of conservative judges and released it before the election. So, Republicans were galvanizing around him on this issue, while Hillary was running her poor campaign and dealing with Comey’s revelations. Democrats failed to recognize the risks of climate change, conservative rulings, healthcare repeal, etc. by electing Trump. Keith

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        1. Unfortunately, it seems the Democrats almost have a knack for failing to recognize the risks of the various issues that come up — and thus, they fail to deal with them. Yes, they’ve made a few good moves, but they’ve also make a number of blunders.

          IMO, they come across as wimps who are too afraid of the pushy Repukes to stand up to them.

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              1. Hello Nan. Sorry, I’ve been offline all week. What should I know and should I respond? A week without an online discussion and I am ready. As to Tildeb I want to point out one thing. I argued with him on one post refuting his every comment with facts and reason. I did close the comments on that post after everything that could be said had been by both of us. But I never banned him, and I have kept posting on the same subject. But when he was shown he couldn’t win because I would take the time to look stuff up and refute him, he doesn’t bother commenting on any other of my posts even the ones on the subject he felt so strongly about. That should tell you his intent. He intends to attack and overwhelm those he disagrees with and then wear them down. He bragged to me that he writes very aggressively and argumentatively. He wants the argument, the fight. He then feels so proud of himself. Others do what you wanted me to do, stop it before it was all said so he could claim to be the victim by the liberals who wouldn’t let him talk. I have seen this way of acting on right wing sites, he is a right wing troll, and he acts just like them. I called him out on it, and I was correct. Send me the link and I will see if I can find time to engage him if you permit it. Hugs


                1. NO! Please do NOT respond. I just wanted you to see (once again) how he gets ahold of a bone and will not let go.

                  I PREFER that my blog is simply a place for folks to offer opinions and perspectives on the subjects I post. If there are some disagreements, that’s OK too — so long as the person doesn’t write a 2-3 page rebuttal! I admit this is probably wrapped up in personal preference because I don’t enjoy reading long and detailed writings. In my experiences, I’ve found that 9 times out of 10, the point of the article/comment is made within the first 1-2 paragraphs … and the rest is simply reinforcement.

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                2. Hello Nan. He is a troll. He is like the rest of the rabid right wingers when they have a discussion / conversation with others on something they disagree with, they feel driven to force the other person to not only agree with them but to publicly admit you are wrong. Tildeb, like all rabid right, won’t ever change his mind no matter what information you provide, because he is arrogantly convinced he is not only correct but just plain smarter than anyone else. Unless you cut him off he will keep insisting he is correct right down to rearguing the same points over and over without adding new information. I know, re the trans post he and I argued on. He cannot just state his position and walk away, he must force you to change your mind and admit he was not only correct but smarter than you because of it. Even when he is clearly wrong or it is something that is just a personal opinion. He is IMO an arrogant egotistical asshole. He reminds me of trump, only with an education so he can read and type. I will head over there tomorrow just to see the shit show he is leaving. Hugs


                3. I don’t feel comfortable attaching quite the same labels as you … but I do find him very annoying at times. He and I have exchanged a few emails when he’s come across a topic that he thinks I might find interesting and our discussions have not turned into marathons. A different sort of fellow, that’s for sure.

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  2. Scottie: Your post points out the depravity of the haters re: sexuality per se. It took me back to all the lynchings of young Black men for (nearly always wrongly) being accused of even flirting with a white woman. You’re right to link it to abortion as an issue of control; ditto contraception.

    We need a cadre of mental health professionals to help these people come to terms with their own sexuality so they can leave consenting adults alone.

    And I don’t know how to get people (including unjust justices) to see the blatant and scary hypocrisy of finding mask and vaccine mandates that protect all as assaults on their personal freedom—but welcome government into people’s bedrooms to intervene in their most private decisions.

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    1. Hello Annie. Yes! I was just replying to Keith I was so tired of a fight I thought we won needing to be fought for all over again, and I mentioned I couldn’t imagine how discouraging it must be to black people nearly 156 years since they were promised equality. Your last paragraph is so true. The party of small government wants to be in charge of your bedroom and your genitals. Control, why is it so important for those people to control others? What do they get out of it? I think how often those railing against adultery are having out of marriage affairs, anti-gay bigots often turn out to be gay or struggling, and those who publicly hate on trans often turn out to have trans porn on their phones / computers. Such as Alex Jones and Nick Fuentes. If people could only worry about handling their own lives and not worry about what others are doing, we would be so much better off. I am serious, I have all I can do to handle everything in my own life, I don’t want to manage anyone else’s. At this point I am not sure what we should or can do other than vote every democrat possible into office. And hope they are democrats that won’t work against us. Be well. Hugs

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