Josh Hawley accidentally HUMILIATES himself ON STAGE with brutal mistake

4 thoughts on “Josh Hawley accidentally HUMILIATES himself ON STAGE with brutal mistake

  1. Scottie, bragging on seditious behavior is not the best path forward. If these insurrectionists caught any of the Congress people, the elected officials would be in danger regardless of party. But, wait I am on your side….Keith

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    1. Hello Keith. He incited the very people he ran from. I have seen this among groups of kids, one will egg another on until they chase them and they tussle. Then someone says uncle, and everyone goes back to the group play. But this was an adult playing with well armed gangs ready to take over the capital building and kill the unworthy legislators. We know now that the set up by the trump crew had these gangs stocking weapons all over the place ready bring in at trump’s order. Thankfully trump never gave the order and I have no idea why not. But that seems to be what the secret service with Pence was so scared of, they figured trump gave the order. The weapons that I have read about was $7000 dollars of defensive gear, grenades and grand launchers, large and small arms and tons of ammo. So those in congress had a good reason to be scared.

      But did Hawley know about the gangs and weapons? If he thought, they thought these were their people why run from them? Just stand up and say hey I am one of you, I fist raised to you. But none of the republicans stayed to greet their fans? You say they would have been in danger regardless of party? Why these are trumpers, members of the maga cult right? Wouldn’t that protect the maga republicans? Keith I think there is still so much more to come out about what was going on. It is known tRump wanted enough chaos that the vote wouldn’t be certified or that he could order Marshall law. He wanted members of congress killed. He hoped it would be Pelosi. But he did not get the deaths he needed for that. The chairman of the joint chiefs said he was waiting for the call, even reminded someone to be ready to go as soon as tRump contacted him. It never came. So much we don’t know. Anyway, thanks Keith, I don’t mock Hawley for running away that day nor any of the others who escaped, I do mock him for going to the Turning Point conference and say he will stand his ground and never run. Hugs

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      1. Scottie, I think he is getting more flak because of his stances on masculinity and this book he has written. The Turning Point conference attendance shows how low the party has fallen. Before Trump, Republican leaders would not be caught dead going to these kinds of conventions. Keith

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