5 thoughts on “Marjorie Trailer Greene for Christian Nationalism

    1. Hello Nan. I understand in a way how you feel, but Nan, she is an elected member of congress who is being elected to a second term who has an overwhelming authority due to her close connecting first with trump and now to her overwhelming support from the maga movement. She is a serious threat to our nation, our democracy, and the LGBTQ+. She is an open Christian nationalist and that means she is a Nazi. Hugs


      1. Yes. She is all that. But why put yourself through the torture of watching/listening to her? I know you want to “spread the word,” but by now, I think most of your readers/followers are well aware of what a danger she is. And those that are in her area of direct influence have most likely already made up their minds how they feel about her.

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        1. Hello Nan. There are new people all the time either reading my blog or hearing learning about her. Plus maybe I might reach the not all the way to the rabid right Kool Aid drinking person, I might give someone the very information they need to see her for what she is. Besides as I say you cannot fight the enemy without knowing what they are doing / saying. The best defense is a strong offence. Hugs


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