6 thoughts on “How Do Politicians Keep Getting So Rich?

  1. Scottie, because they can. They did pass an insider trading law a few years back, but my guess is it is not policed as well as it should be. NC Senator Burr has seemingly gotten away with some insider trading when the pandemic hit, eg. Keith

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    1. Hello Keith. What you say is true and important and add to that SCOTUS has gutted any attempts to restrict money in politics and it seems that elected office is the golden ticket to fame and fortune. Sucks that is why so many run for office. But I am at a loss to know what to do. Hugs


      1. Scottie, putting a spotlight on things works, but not as well as it should. The insider trading rules came about after 60 Minutes did a story on how elected officials were leaving office richer than when they came in. Yet, we have drifted off to sleep, especially watching a former president who was gaming the system using his hotels for government business. Keith

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        1. Trouble is … how many of the people who would benefit actually watch this type of presentation on 60 minutes?? It would seem not many since, as you say, the former guy made beaucoup bucks from his “outside interests.”

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          1. Hello Nan. I know you often say those that need the information are not reading the blog. I understand and accept that. But what more can we do but keep trying to get the word out and reach people? I am not ready to give up yet but posting is about the most I can do. Hugs


            1. My comment was primarily in response to Keith, so PLEASE don’t think I’m suggesting YOU stop posting!!! Although I think for the most part, you’re “preaching to the choir.” Nonetheless, it’s good that you’re making people AWARE of various happenings. I know that personally, I get a LOT of my “news” from your blog. Sure, I visit and read various news sites, but since my basic interests are different than yours, I would most likely miss some of the things you post about.

              It’s good to know that you’re “not ready to give up.” ❤

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