Louisiana Denies Abortion Of Fetus With Fatal Condition

Baton Rouge’s CBS affiliate reports:

A Baton Rouge mother has a week to make an unthinkable decision – carry her baby to term even though she says doctors tell her it will not survive or find another state where she can have an abortion. “It’s hard knowing that I’m carrying it to bury it,” said Nancy Davis, who is 13 weeks pregnant with her second child.

Davis says her baby was diagnosed with acrania, a rare and fatal condition where the baby’s skull fails to form in the womb.

According to health experts, babies with this condition only survive minutes to hours after birth. But because Davis’s life was not in danger and the baby’s condition does not fall under Louisiana Department of Health’s list of qualifying conditions, she was denied an abortion.

Read the full article. Davis says she now has to decide whether to cross state lines to get an abortion or give birth to a doomed baby.


Elagabalus • 2 hours ago

This is on the “pro-life” party and anyone else who calls themselves that. Sick.

Glenn Elagabalus • 2 hours ago

It’s the pro-suffering party.

JCF Glenn • an hour ago

Pro-Suffering WOMEN Party. (“Eve brought it on you all!”)

TallyDink • 2 hours ago

Cruelty is the point with these fucking anti-choice, pro-fetus politicians.

Makoto • 2 hours ago

And down in Florida, they’ve declared that a 16-year-old isn’t mature enough to get an abortion. Which makes all sorts of sense to some deranged forced birthers, I’m sure, but I’ll admit it seems insane to me.

TallyDink Makoto • 2 hours ago

I know, right? She’s not mature enough to get an abortion but is (by their standards) mature enough to raise a child.

Ščŏŧŧ Ċ – 🇺🇦 🕊 TallyDink • 2 hours ago

But where will her punishment come from if she isn’t forced to give birth? That’s what it’s about, after all – punishing women for sex. These laws never mention the man involved in the pregnancy.

PickyPecker Ninja0980 • 2 hours ago


William Ninja0980 • 2 hours ago

She’s supposed to marry the father and move into a trailer.

Paula William • 2 hours ago

Right. So she can begin getting the beating so needs.
Why you make me hit you like that?
Do I really need to add the /S?

CPT_Doom • 2 hours ago

That ain’t a baby and never will be. We need to stop using the forced birthers’ ignorant language.

DaddyRay • 2 hours ago

These are the stories that happen every day across the US and until now they have been able to remain silent and private but has now thrust this horrific situation that the family has to deal with into the public eye and add legal consequences to what would have been a personal decision

Skeptical_Inquirer • 2 hours ago

The forced birthers will blink at you stupidly and just fall back on their “babies, babies, babies” chant.

TallyDink Skeptical_Inquirer • 2 hours ago

When it comes down to it, they don’t care about babies, only fetuses.

MichaelJ TallyDink • an hour ago

In general they care about asserting power over people’s personal lives in general and, in the instance, over women’s sexuality.

HomerTh • 2 hours ago

The cowards at the Louisiana Department of Health have blocked people from commenting on their Facebook page.

thatotherjean • 2 hours ago • edited

It’s SICK that a woman with a doomed pregnancy could be forced to carry a child who will not survive much past birth for nine months, and then to endure giving birth, when it’s a foregone conclusion that her child will not live. It’s equally sick that she should have to travel to another state, away from her support network, in order to abort that pregnancy. As is so often true with Republican legislatures, the cruelty is the point.

clay thatotherjean • an hour ago

I’m also wondering who’s going to pay for all of her unnecessary medical expenses, as well as maternity wear and lost wages?

10 thoughts on “Louisiana Denies Abortion Of Fetus With Fatal Condition

  1. So what now? The State government or, is it the federal government that’s going to, pay for the care of these, children who are forced to be born with the, birth defects? The people can kiss their, original lowered tax rates, goodbye then.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hello taurusingemini. Yes kids with severe disabilities some needing full time care so at least one parent will need to stay home will cause even more poverty and a need for social services and Medicaid / Medicare these same states are cutting. Plus you will have unwanted kids being neglected, many more abused, and then you will have more kids in a school system in five or 6 years, a school system under constant money cuts / strains. Some schools are so broke they cannot even have schoolbooks. The save the children people never thought this through. The white supremacist claiming white people were not having enough kids did not think it through either as there will be many more poor kids of color born also. Hugs


      1. And one thing you didn’t address, Scottie … unwanted kids being neglected. These are the kids that often grow up to be the mass shooters and spousal abusers and druggies, and etc., etc., etc.

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        1. Hello Nan. Yes you are correct, and also the unwanted kids that the adult blames for the way their life is are often subjected to abuse from harsher punishments to outright physical / sexual abuse. The entire thing, the situation that denying a woman the right to control her body and future causes is horrific because none of it needs to happen. There doesn’t need to be unwanted children born if women always had the right to choose to abort or carry to term. The thing I cannot understand is why these people who claim to be so pro-life totally dismiss the life of the living woman? I argue that point with the anti-abortionist and they don’t seem to realize how dismissive they are of the woman. It is like they think she did something wrong or did something that negates her rights. Somewhat how they view people in jail, that the conditions they are in don’t matter because they committed a crime, even if the conditions are inhuman. I don’t get it, if they value life as they say they must value the womans life, yet they clearly don’t. Hugs

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Nan. Nor is that same loving concern for poor unwanted kids. While I was laying down resting my back I was reading about the kids in orphanages in the end stages of the USSR and in the Russia of today. It is horrible. It was out right neglect and abuse, kids that were deemed to bad to educate were either cuffed to furniture or left to slowly die in their bed. Even kids given some education were badly abuse / neglected and were classed as second class citizens because the label orphan followed them on their official records all their lives. That denied them jobs, and state resources. I was telling taurusingemini that there will be more kids needing assistance, medical, food, housing plus in five years more kids in already stressed out school systems. Where is childcare going to come from, it is already hard for working parents to get now. Hugs

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Roger. There was another shooting in midtown Alanta. It is getting so a lot of people are worried about going out in public and events. So far it has not hit the younger people yet but that is coming. Then what will US society be, gangs of armed thugs and nervous fearful people carrying guns they are not trained to use. Scary. Hugs

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