Fox host outraged that school district pulled the Bible from shelves in book challenge

Please note she was offended that a few people could get a book she liked removed but feels it is fine if one person’s complaints get LGBTQ+ books removed.   Please take note of the last paragraph, they now want to push their ideology of white supremacy and other hatreds in libraries and schools.   Hugs
Fox News ban, bible, Outnumbered
Photo: YouTube screenshot

Fox News hosts have expressed outrage over the Bible being removed from school library shelves in a Texas school district, claiming that the book should be allowed, even though it contains stories of incest and violence and promotes slavery, the subjugation of women, and the murder of LGBTQ people.

The Fox News panel also said that banning the Bible from schools furthers a Democratic plot, even though the school district’s home county traditionally votes Republican.

The Christian religious text was removed by the Keller Independent School District’s Book Challenge Committee this week because it was challenged for having “sexual content and violence” along with 40 other books, most of which featured Black and LGBTQ characters. The district’s school principals were told to keep the books off of library shelves until the district has completed its review of each book’s appropriateness for student readers.

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