Wisconsin school board votes in favor of pride flag ban


Teachers were using the rainbow flag stickers to signal to kids a safe space / classroom they could go to for protection from bullies or if they had a question about being LGBTQ+ they did not feel they could ask their parents or adults.   The right must make sure these safe space signals are gone and the kids who need that space are denied them.   Right now the right are coming for the LGBTQ+ and the black minority communities.  Then they will come for others they don’t like, the Jewish people will be targeted, the Muslims will be targeted, as will even other sects of Christianity the fundies don’t think are the right way to worship.  Notice that most of the people wanted to get rid of the policy.    They wanted the rainbow flags to stay.   But the board has an agenda to push.    Hugs

A Wisconsin school board has voted in favor of a policy that prohibits teachers and staff from displaying gay pride flags and other items that district officials consider political in nature



WALES, Wis. — Wisconsin school board voted in favor of a policy that prohibits teachers and staff from displaying gay pride flags and other items that district officials consider political in nature.

The Kettle Moraine School Board voted Tuesday to keep a code of conduct in place that the superintendent recently interpreted as forbidding district employees from displaying political or religious messages, including pride flags, and Black Lives Matter and We Back the Badge signs. Staff also may not say in emails what their preferred pronouns are.

Superintendent Stephen Plum recently told the board that the district’s interpretation of a policy that prohibits staffers from using their positions to promote partisan politics, religious views and propaganda for personal, monetary or nonmonetary gain changed following a legal analysis.

Jim Romanowski was the only board member to vote against the ban, saying he changed his mind about the policy after hearing from students and staff.

Most of those who spoke at Tuesday’s packed board meeting opposed the policy. The public comment period was capped at an hour, despite a call from the crowd to extend it.

“If you have a policy that says ‘nothing political,’ does that mean you can’t have a sign up that says, ‘Support our Troops,’ or ‘Believe Women’ or ‘Save the Planet?’ By some people’s definitions, all of those things are political,” said Christine Donahoe, an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin.

Donahoe said she’s looking closely at the policy and a similar one approved last fall by the school district in nearby Waukesha.

“It really looks like targeted attacks at specific viewpoints, like LGBT communities, or welcome and safe spaces to students of color,” said Donahoe.

More than 13,000 people have signed an online petition opposing the Kettle Moraine policy that was launched by two local high school students, Bethany Provan and Brit Farrar.

“Having a rainbow flag in your room isn’t pushing your beliefs on someone,” Provan told WITI-TV. “It’s just saying, ‘Hey, you’re welcome here, and we support you.’”


So no American or state flags in the classroom?

Those are political statements.


No more religious symbols either then!!! No crosses in the necks! No Jesus bumper stickers in the school parking lot. No bibles in the classrooms!

“from displaying political or religious messages”

No more little crosses hanging around your neck!

So no Merry Christmas? You’re back to Happy Holidays.

Brace yourselves, it’s only going to get worse.


I am braced. I have opened up my job search to include jobs outside academia and outside music because I fear it’s not going to be safe to live or work where I currently live for much longer. We’ll see how the November election goes but I don’t have much hope that a Democrat can win in this state.

Pride 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 aren’t political, they’re pieces of cloth that save lives. The message that LGBTQ kids and teachers hear from this decision is: You don’t matter.

Homophobia kills

So no confederate flags either???? No trump shirts, no MAGA hats etc??? Right

Sex / gender / sexual preferences are facts that are not and have never been “political”. Suppression of speech or symbolism, however, certainly is.


“Heather has two mommies” isn’t sexually explicit material either, but they still get books banned in libraries / school districts by pretending it is and riling up busybodies.

I assume this means teachers will no longer be allowed to wear jewelry with crosses or the Star of David?

RACIST/FASCIST are Marching On!!!!

They want to DISAPPEAR US!!!!


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