Email Shows Archives Asked For Docs Back In May 2021 – JMG

The Washington Post reports:

About two dozen boxes of presidential records stored in then-president Donald Trump’s White House residence were not returned to the National Archives and Records Administration in the final days of his term even after Archives officials were told by a Trump lawyer that the documents should be returned, according to an email from the top lawyer at the record-keeping agency.

The previously unreported email — sent about 100 days after the former president left office with the subject line “Need for Assistance re Presidential Records” — shows just how early Archives officials realized that many documents were missing from the Trump White House. It also illustrates the myriad efforts Archives officials made to have the documents returned over an 18-month period, culminating with an FBI raid earlier this month at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida.

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BobxT AncientMariner • 13 hours ago

“If the FBI …” … from a liberal point of view this makes no logical sense, but that’s because it is expressing an authoritarian viewpoint. To an authoritarian it is deeply unsettling to see the top guy treated just like an ordinary person – it upsets their entire hierarchical authoritarian world view.

In the authoritarian world view people form a hierarchy – you can push around the people beneath you, but have to defer to the people above. There is no one above the president, so if he can be charged with a crime it means society has entered a state of anarchy. If they can do this to the president, it means the people you dominate could turn the tables and dominate you; the police might even start harassing the rich people instead of the poor people.

BobSF_94117 • 13 hours ago

You would think that the presence of top-secret documents at an unauthorized, unsecured location would warrant immediate action to recover them.

2 thoughts on “Email Shows Archives Asked For Docs Back In May 2021 – JMG

  1. When push comes to shove … is ANYONE truly surprised that the EX-president is upset? When a person is convinced within themselves that they can do no wrong, any accusation that might suggest “error” is immediately denied/disavowed/negated/rejected … etc.

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