Let’s talk about the explanation from Trump America deserves….

Holy dogs that love gravy this is a must watch video. Hugs

5 thoughts on “Let’s talk about the explanation from Trump America deserves….

  1. Beau is great, but his point about an explanation although being helpful, will never happen. Such is the character of TFG. Apparently, it’s easier to lie than to offer a reasonable explanation. His die-hard followers won’t much care, even if it’s proven the TFG sold them to our enemies…

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    1. Hello Jimmy. I also love Beau’s channel. His way of clearly explaining things makes it easy to follow his argument. You are correct that the trump followers are a cult. They wont admit anything bad about their cult leader. He has their undying love no matter what they prove he did. But as we know now that there are highly classified folders with the documents missing, we have to assume he either has hidden them or has sold them. Either way he has to be charged and tried for it. Or Snowden, Assange, need to have the cases dropped and Chelsea Manning deserves a full pardon and an apology. Hugs


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