Candace Owens falsely links Memphis killings to trans people

Be afraid, be very afraid of those trans people, be afraid of those gay people, be afraid of teachers, be afraid of black people, be afraid of immigrants … Did I leave any group out?   Oh ya be afraid of the godless atheists.    Fear is what the right wing media sells.  The republicans no longer try to create or develop polices that help the people or that the people want.   So they sell fear to stay in office and keep getting elected.    They have amped up their attacks on gays and trans people so of course the more fringe right wing media hosts have to link the LGBTQ+ to any kind of violence or tragedy.   One thing the stories have missed about Kelly.   He was sentenced to three years.    He served 22 months which is the normal time.    The reason it seems he only served 11 months is that is how long from his court case where he was found guilt until his release.   But he was in jail prior to that, so he was given credit for that time also.   He was in jail for 22 months total, which again is the normal amount of time on a three year sentence.    Hugs

Candace Owens falsely links Memphis killings to trans people
Tucker Carlson and Candace Owens Photo: Screenshot

Candace Owens is once again attempting to falsely link a tragedy to transgender people. In her Thursday night appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight, the far-right media personality characterized acceptance of trans people as “celebrating mental illness.”

Owens joined the Fox News host ostensibly to discuss criminal justice reform in the wake of a recent deadly shooting spree in Memphis, which left four dead. Authorities arrested teenager Ezekiel Kelly early Thursday in connection with the crimes. Last year, the 19-year-old Kelly had been sentenced to three years in prison, but was released in March after serving 11 months.

“Obviously what we are seeing around us is, under the guise of compassion, we are letting violent criminals back on the streets, and people that are following the law and abiding the law— going out for a jog — are suffering because of it,” Owens said of Kelly’s release.

She also brought up the recent kidnapping and murder of Memphis kindergarten teacher Eliza Fletcher. Police have arrested 38-year-old Cleotha Henderson in connection with the crimes.

Owens blamed the crimes on “mental illness,” a now-standard right-wing talking point when discussing mass shootings and violent crimes.

“This is, by the way, the product of what we are seeing when we celebrate— in our culture — mental illness. That is what is happening. We have somehow gotten to a point in America where we are celebrating mental illness — in many different forms, by the way,” Owens said.

She then made the leap to equating transgender identity with mental illness: “It’s not just by trying to convince us that we should feel compassion towards criminals and yet feel that the real criminals are the patriots, a total inverted of reality. But it’s also the perverse element that is encouraging mental illness, like telling men they can be women, telling women they can be men if they just mutilate their bodies.”

Earlier this year, Owens was one of many far-right figures who spread the false rumor that the gunman in the mass shooting at Robb Elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, was transgender. She has also used her platform to attack Dwayne Wade’s transgender daughter.

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