Texas Paul REACTS to Dr. Oz GOING FULL MAGA on Fox News

3 thoughts on “Texas Paul REACTS to Dr. Oz GOING FULL MAGA on Fox News

  1. Scottie, we should never forget Dr. Oz being asked to testify in front of a Congressional committee on his avid support of supplemental miracle cures on his TV show. Without substantiated data and without much concern for the drugs’ impact on other medicines someone may be taking, Oz was chastised for his recklessness. People were put in danger because of his cheerleading. Now he wants to be a Senator. Keith

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    1. Hello Keith. Oz shows that while a person may be smart and have certain skills they are good at, it doesn’t equal ethics and wanting the best for others. OZ cares only about his wealth and like trump will use any scam or grift to gain wealth. He thinks nothing of the people he harms to get his ever more wealth. He really thinks so little of the voters he openly lives in New Jersey in a huge expensive mansion while running for office in Pennsylvania, as if those voters cannot tell he is again running a scam. Hugs


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