ABC NEWS: ‘Cruel prank’ at high school causes mass panic, culprits should be expelled: Police

‘Cruel prank’ at high school causes mass panic, culprits should be expelled: Police
A specific threat had been written in a bathroom stall the day before.

Read in ABC News:

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4 thoughts on “ABC NEWS: ‘Cruel prank’ at high school causes mass panic, culprits should be expelled: Police

  1. Threats like that are just wrong. The other day we had a threat of a shooting here at our middle school; of course there’s a crisis plan, and because the threat was found and determined to be false (short story version,) we all found out after it was wrapped up. Years ago I was in a couple bomb threats at the courthouse; during it, we’re all matter-of-fact, but after it was over, it was pretty sobering to think I might not have seen my husband and baby son again, and most of us all were shaken in the hours after All Clear. I don’t hold with charging kids as adults, ever, but these type threats should be prosecuted. They still do damage, and prevent normal activities from commencing. It’s still better than being maimed or killed, but it isn’t normal and shouldn’t be normalized.

    Hey; I read this a little earlier, about Miami-Dade schools and school censorship:

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    1. Hello Ali. Another victim of the don’t say gay DeathSantis bill. This was for teenagers 14 and up. This was an award-winning play and cultural event that would have improved the students’ appreciation for the arts and different culture. Which is why the right wanted it to be stopped. They couldn’t say it was because the author was well known to be gay, so they said well it had a scene that had a pretend sex between a man and woman. She lays on the table with her skirt up. Oh my as if teenagers don’t know about sex and will never find out until that magic age of 18 where the sex fairy downloads the entire process into their brains at once waking up their sexual desires and making then suddenly want to rush out to get married, straight marriage of course unless the sex fairy was a demon then the newly awakened 18 year old got turned into a horrible gay who will now try to put gay books into libraries to gay all the other kids. Sorry but the 1950s idea of just ignoring it and it won’t exist is wrong and those pushing the US back to this time are causing untold harm. Kids are not and never were clueless sexless robots that were totally innocent little angels until adulthood and marriage. Teen pregnancies are more numerous in places where there is no sexual education and the parents are regressive. This idea that kids understanding that LGBTQ+ people exist is sexualizing them, that making sure trans kids are not bullies and letting the other kids see they exist is not grooming them, the knowledge that not all teachers are straight is not teaching sex to kindergartens. I am so tired of the misinformation in Florida. It is getting really hard to function in this state. The lies and misinformation that DeathSantis puts out daily is overwhelming. His new thing is he got 12 million to deport legal migrants looking for asylum from Texas to other states is stupid. It is a stunt. Those immigrants were not even in Florida which DeathSantis admits. DeathSantis admits there were too few coming to Florida to capture and make a good sound bite for right wing media so they flew a plane load into to Florida from Texas to do the photo op. Why not just use that 12 million to help get these legal immigrants to their real destinations. Because it doesn’t rile up the base with misinformation about how their country is being stolen from them. Hugs

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