Lauren Boebert says LGBTQ people are “spitting in God’s face” and “perverting” the nation

Pure Christian hate, myths, and lies.   This is a popular member of the republican party and she represents all that the right is.   But for all her talk of god, her husband exposed himself to a couple teenage girls before she married him, recently there was a 911 call where her drunk husband was driving over a neighbor’s mailbox and threatening them because they asked his out of control teenage son to slow down on the residential street with kids.  The caller said that the Boebert’s were always drunk and causing trouble in the area, thugs who felt they were above the laws and better than anyone else because she is in congress.  Hugs

Lauren Boebert
Photo: Screenshot, Truth and Liberty Coalition

Anti-LGBTQ Christian nationalist Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) recently gave a speech telling Christians to “rise up” and put “God back at the center of our country.” She also said that LGBTQ people have created a national “identity crisis” for children and families by “spitting in God’s face” and perverting his creation.

Boebert made her comments last weekend at the three-day conference hosted by Truth and Liberty Coalition, a Christian nationalist organization that believes the U.S. must be a rigidly Christian nation. The organization was founded by far-right preacher Andrew Wommack, and the event was hosted at Wommack’s Charis Bible College in Woodland Park, Colorado.

“We need God back at the center of our country,” Boebert said in her speech. “It’s time for us to position ourselves, and rise up, and take our place in Christ, and influence this nation as we were called to do…. We know that we are in the last of the last days…. It’s a time to know that you were called to be a part of these last days. You get to have a role in ushering in the second coming of Jesus. Pretty cool, huh?”

During her speech, Boebert said that after God created the world, “It wasn’t long before [the people] were living in a pigpen smeared with filthy, filthy inside and out.”

“Refusing to know God, they soon didn’t know how to be human either,” she said, adding, “Furries,” to audience chuckles.

“Women didn’t know how to be women,” she continued. “Men didn’t know how to be men. Confused, they abused and defiled one another. Women with women, men with men — all lust no love. And then they paid for it. Oh, how they paid for it.”

Later on in the speech, she specifically slammed trans people.

“[President Joe Biden (D), and his supporters] keep inventing new ways of wrecking lives,” she said, mentioning economic inflation.

“And for the record,” she added, “men, please stop trying to chest feed or figure it out so we can get this baby formula shortage under control. If they could figure that out, we might be all right. Or just, men, stop getting pregnant. Gosh, they keep inventing new ways of wrecking lives. There is a feminine product shortage because they’re all in the men’s bathrooms.”

Boebert has previously blamed trans men for the baby formula shortage. Her like-minded colleague Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) has blamed trans men for tampon shortages. Both were caused by labor shortages and supply chain issues.

“Your identity is connected to your destiny, and that’s another attack right now: an attack on our people and attack on our children,” she said. “There is an identity crisis that has been created. God wants you to know who you are. The enemy perverts everything that God has done. Everything that God intends for you and your life and your children and your children’s children, the enemy will take that and twist it however he can. I think when we have a large portion of the population who can’t tell us what a woman is, there’s a crisis.”

“And it’s not as if they don’t know better,” Boebert continued. “They aren’t ignorant regarding these things. They know exactly what they’re doing. They know perfectly well. They’re spitting in God’s face and they don’t care…. They know what’s right. They know the difference. They know what a boy is and what a girl is, but they’ve been deceived. Dark darkness will cover the earth and deep darkness the people, but the Lord will rise over you and His glory will be seen upon you.”

“God is on our side. The blood has been applied,” she added. “We are going straight into victory. You are all more than conquerers through God, through Christ who strengthens you every step of the way.”

Boebert also claimed that a father in Michigan told her that his son got into trouble when he stepped on the tail of a student who identified as a furry. Her story is an extension of a right-wing lie about schools recognizing furries as a gender identity. In reality, such stories are meant to bias people against people who identify as transgender.

Wommack believes that Christians should have control over non-believers through the “seven mountains” of influence: religion, family, education, government, media, arts and entertainment, and business, Colorado News Online reported.

Wommack’s bible college teaches creationism and the belief that the world is only 10,000 years old. Wommack has previously claimed that public schools currently teach fourth graders how to have anal sex. He has also said that the 2015 Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage should be overturned.

14 thoughts on “Lauren Boebert says LGBTQ people are “spitting in God’s face” and “perverting” the nation

    1. Hello Roger. She has her gods mixed up. Her first god is her guns, her second ranked god is her money, her third place god is trump, and if she thinks it helps her with the first three gods she uses the god of the Christians as a sometimes important god to her. She clearly doesn’t really care about the Christian god enough to read or try to understand the very scriptures she is going to use in a speech. She uses the Christian god as a tool to further her aims, like a scammer / grifter, rather than what real followers of that deity do which as I understand it is to let that god use the people who worship him as a tool for his will. I find that is a huge difference and one that you can use to tell how a person really see their relationship with god. Hugs

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        1. Hello Roger. I know there is a difference in religious opinion on if the trinity is in the bible, but does the other side have a trinity also? Does the Lucifer / Satan have a trinity? Not that important, just curious and a bit too lazy to figure out how to look it up. 😀😃 Thanks. Hugs

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          1. Yep Scottie, the Trinity is something various Christians debate…..In fact I’m sure some have great and honest fun doing that.
            It actually is one of the most difficult aspects to grasp (if you hold to it). It goes along the lines of ‘OK. There’s God. And there’s Jesus, who is the Son of God…And there’s the Holy Spirit’
            This is when folk quite naturally ask ‘So who is the Holy Spirit?’
            And a believer (for example me)…Goes ‘Well, like..Y’know…The Holy Spirit is…I mean…Part of The Whole…Y’see…Like the…errr….The Power…that is,’
            At this point the person doing the ‘explaining’ normally falls back on things like ‘It’s complicated. Kinda y’know, you believe or you don’t…I mean….’
            At this stage I hide behind Quantum Physics…which can be classed as cheating really.
            Naw there’s no Satanic trinity. Devil is in charge….Top guy in …’The Bad Place’.
            And there’s another aspect Christain’s debate over and over…The Natures of Hell, Evil and Satan. One thing for certain is to quote from Bill and Ted’s ‘Bogus Journey’ ..’We were lied to by our LP covers dude’.
            And if you really want to see Christians go one step further into arcane discourses there’s Purgatory – which if you are Catholic is a place you go to get cleaned out before going to Heavan (if you qualify that is)….And if I do qualify for Heavan I am going to spend a llllloooonnggg time in Purgatory first.

            It is essential to have a sense of humour and perspective about one’s faith.

            Keep on being Scottie, Scottie 😀

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              1. Thanks.
                You can hold strong to your faith, but still have a chuckle or two about the knots us believers tie ourselves up in when trying to describe or explain things….
                There’s a lesson there somewhere……🤔…………..
                I’ll get back to you on it…..sometime

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  1. I have commented before that claiming to know the mind of God, claiming to speak for God, is taking the Lord’s name in vain, a sin, a thou shalt not. They’re all goin’ to Hell.

    Bonus: Lying for Jesus. Lying is a sin, a sin, a thou shalt not, strike one; Jesus is Lord, Jesus is God, so lying for Jesus is not only a sin, a thou shalt not, but is claiming to know the mind of God, is claiming to speak for God, is taking the Lord’s name in vain. Strikes two and three.

    They’re goin’ straight past the seven circles to the very heart of Hell.

    LOL …

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    1. Hello Ten Bears. I think Boebert feels she is a step above the Christian god and her will / wants are something it should want to do / fulfill. I think she just sees the Christian god as a tool to scam the republican base with. Most of them are the same kind of followers of Christian god that she is. They should be very grateful that god has given up smiting for a few eons. Hugs


  2. Hi Scottie;
    No where in the New Testament have I read anything regarding a loving honest homosexual relationship. As TenBears says, I’ve read a great deal about hate, lying, powerhungry, taking the Lord’s Name in vain…. and for that matter, according to the Bible, she needs to shut up and sit down. Should we use that scripture?


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    1. Hello Randy. Love your insights. I really think Boebert has not read the bible nor even bothered to listen to the oral readings of it. She may have vaguely heard some preaching by a preacher who was putting a right wing slant on the god of the bible. She is not really interested in what the Christian god is about or what issues are important to it. She thinks more of herself than she does of the Christian god. She thinks her wants and wishes are holy, because she knows she is a good person worthy of all the benefits of society. She sees the Christian god as a tool to achieve her wants which are as I can see herself enrichment, her own power / authority, her right to tell others what to do, while she and her family is above any rules the rest of us must follow. As for homosexuality wait until one of her kids gets brave enough to tell her they are part of the LGBTQ+ community. Boy then she will be forced to choose her power or her child’s needs. I wouldn’t bet on which one will win out. Hugs

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