Texas Paul REACTS to Lauren Boebert confusing the Bible with Chinese food

In Lauren Boebert’s most recent act of extreme stupidity, the Ultra MAGA Radical Right Republican Congresswomen can be seen foolishly wondering what “Wonton Murder” is as she misreads the real word that is Wanton Murder. Meidas Contributor Texas Paul reacts to her stupidity.

8 thoughts on “Texas Paul REACTS to Lauren Boebert confusing the Bible with Chinese food

  1. The first thing I thought of when I read about this was Kelly-Anne Conway’s “Bowling Green Massacre,” then MTG’s gazpacho police.
    But seriously. The intellectual level of so many of our legislators is just abysmal.

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    1. Hello Ali. The idea use to be that being in congress was a high honor, that only the most qualified people should be there. Now with the districts so badly gerrymandered that only the most extreme candidates, the Qanons and most rabid maga can win them. The problem is then those people run in a general elections and because they have an R behind their names they win no matter how bad they are because the less extreme republicans cannot bring themselves to vote for a democrat. Hugs

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    1. Hello Nan. And that is true. And for the ones that do know she is republican and her opponent is a democrat and so she is the best one for the job in their minds. No democrat should ever be elected if you read or watch right wing media. No election is fair if a democrat wins, if the democrat wins the election was rigged or stolen. Massive fraud. It is only an honest election if the republican wins. That is the message all the republicans are pushing now and their cult believes it. With the extreme gerrymandering of most red states and Florida is getting to that spot also, only the most extreme candidate who supports trump can win the primary election. So every republican candidate rushes to the right during the primary, then because extreme republican candidates only win the general in deep red states those same candidates have to try to scrub their web pages and deny they every supported trump and the more extreme position. In red states because of gerrymandering only republicans can win, the extreme candidate that won the primary automatically get the general win because of that magic R. That is why we get stuck with the Boebert, Greene, and soon Walker types in the US congress. Hugs

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