Texas Paul REACTS to MAGA MADNESS applauding DESTRUCTION of vegan food

OAN disturbing anchor Alison Steinberg reposted a tweet the other day of an individual who bragged about destroying Plant-Based Meat made for Vegans diets, or those trying to eat less meat. Alison didn’t stop there though, in her post Alison calls the individual destroying businesses inventory a “HERO.” Texas Paul reacts to the non-sense.

3 thoughts on “Texas Paul REACTS to MAGA MADNESS applauding DESTRUCTION of vegan food

    1. Hello Randy. Because family values are about getting to hate on those different from you. To the maga types those tits hanging out are signs of American beauty, and every girl should want desperately to have them to make her straight man happy, and every boy should be desperate to see them as that is the traditional mythical history of the human race from 1950. Remember how the idea was how shocked and excited teen boys were thought to be to get ahold of a playboy of dad’s (good dads bought them and after reading the articles left them where their teenage boys could find them. It made for straight boys right) It never led to fumbling back seat of the family car fumbling and an unwanted pregnancy did it because of no sex education classes. You watch Titus clips and his stand up right. The mythical maga dad they all think they are is papa Titus, the beer drinking womans man that gets all the sex, has the right answer for every situation, is never wrong no matter how crass or rude, gets to treat everyone else like shit and no one gives him trouble for it. That is who they think they are. That is who they admire. That was who they think trump is why they adore him. The left was mortified a candidate for president paid a porn start to have sex with her, the right was only upset he paid as they felt he should have gotten it free. He was trump, she should have paid him. They want to have sex with a porn star. Hugs


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