Conservatives freak out over Zoom workshop on gender-affirming haircuts for teens

Haircuts.   This hater is accusing a hospital system of being groomers of sexual abuse of children for helping kids with hair styling tips.   This shows it is not about the kids, it is not about saving kids from abuse, it is about forcing kids to fit into a traditional stereotype gender role established by religion.  Somehow this is fits with her accusation that children in the US are getting sexual reassignment surgery, which is not true at all.  Hugs

a person getting a haircut
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Anti-LGBTQ activist Chaya Raichik – who goes by “LibsofTikTok” on social media – is upset that transgender kids are getting access to haircuts.

On her Substack that she has been promoting since her social media accounts started getting suspended, Raichik shared an invitation to a gender-affirming workshop being run by Kaiser that says several times that it’s for “kids and their parents or guardians.”

“Kaiser Permanente, one of the nation’s largest health care organizations, is promoting gender-affirming programming to minor patients without the knowledge or consent of parents, a mother told Libs of TikTok in an exclusive interview,” Raichik wrote, describing the workshop as a “series of courses on social gender transitions.”

While Raichik has been spreading the false notion for the past couple months that children’s hospitals are performing gender-affirming surgery on trans minors – even though gender-affirming surgery isn’t performed on minors – the Kaiser workshops are mostly focused on mental health topics, like self-expression, dealing with fear, and validating emotions.

The few that deal with transitioning don’t mention surgery at all; one is about vocal exploration, another about clothing, and one is about “gender congruent hair styling.”

Raichik said that she was forwarded the message by a mother who isn’t supportive of her child’s identity and who “feels like her child is ‘becoming a guinea pig’ at the hands of medical organizations” because of the possibility of Zoom workshops about haircuts.

In the comments on Raichik’s Substack, people referred to Kaiser as “groomers,” a term used to describe child sex abusers and that Raichik popularized using to refer to any discussion of LGBTQ people in the presence of teens and children.

“Libs of TikTok’s Substack is now going after the Kaiser hospital system for such unspeakable acts as… holding a workshop on haircuts,” wrote Media Matters LGBTQ Program Director Ari Drennen on Twitter. “This panic is about punishing ALL gender nonconformity, period.”

Harvard Law School instructor Alejandra Caraballo said that it was a “straight up lie” that Kaiser was going behind the backs of parents since the workshops include parents.

Last month Raichik made headlines when she falsely claimed online that a 16-year-old transgender boy would be able to get a hysterectomy at Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C. Her story was picked up by other conservative media even though the hospital said that they wouldn’t perform such surgery and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) only recommends gender affirming surgery for people who are of the age of consent and after a 12-month period where they live as their real gender.

While her accusations were incorrect, the hospital received bomb and death threats from her followers.

Earlier in August, Raichik reposted about 13 tweets and a right-wing “expose” claiming that the Boston Children’s Hospital in Massachusetts was conducting gender-affirming surgery on children as young as two or three years old.

The fact-checking site PolitiFact later debunked the claims, but physicians at the hospitals received so many death threats, harassing calls, and emails that the hospital had to hire extra security and give doctors new guidance on responding to threats.

The hospital’s website says that surgery recipients must be at least 18 years old and have a “persistent, well-documented gender dysphoria.”

When she’s not claiming that children’s hospitals are performing gender-affirming surgery on transgender toddlers, Raichik mostly shares videos of LGBTQ teachers and makes negative comments about them, even if it’s not clear that the teachers are doing anything wrong. In the responses, her followers call the teachers “groomers” and claim that they’re harming children with their LGBTQ identities.


6 thoughts on “Conservatives freak out over Zoom workshop on gender-affirming haircuts for teens

  1. And it’s crap like this that enables and encourages other nuts to try faking being trans, then behaving as absolutely not trans at all. And the that’s what causes otherwise good and reasonable people to feel threatened and act out on their apprehension without truly knowing anybody else’s life situation.

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    1. Hello Ali. I know you are upset about this, as I am. And I think I understand what you are saying that misrepresenting the good things this is trying to do causes other people to react badly. Did I understand you correctly? If so I agree with you, and it is a big problem. The more the right distorts and tries to create problems that do not exist with trans people, trans kids, and trans kids medical care the more that other people react by attacking the ones trying to help trans kids / people. Those misled people attack Childrens hospitals or other trans supportive groups based on the misinformation they are getting. If I tell you at a place they are doing some type of horrible child abuse, then good people like yourself who believe me would want to stop them. That is because you believe me, but even then, you would investigate it yourself before acting. The right-wing haters don’t do that. They automatically believe the worst of the haters lies because they only consume right wing hate media, so they go on the attack. It is becoming a very serious problem because that is the result the right wants. They do not want democracy, or even science or civil discourse. They want their way only at any cost, so they will use violence and intimidation to get their way. They are basically gang thugs saying do what I want, or I hurt you. We are seeing it run rampant in red states like Florida. We have to find a way to take power from people like Abbott and DeathSantis. Hugs

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      1. You’re correct, Scottie. We absolutely would want to stop them. And we absolutely would do all we can, but lawfully and within the law only, to get that stopped. This nut with her podcasts is just like Trump. Rile up the nuts to act badly, thus scaring other people with your own followers, so they won’t defend the innocent against those riled up nuts because “boys in girls bathrooms.” Which reportedly has not actually happened, yet. It’s just like when they show photos of 3 month old babies all cut up and say it was the victim of an abortion. some believe that.

        I use way too many words sometimes! I try to be brief, but I end up being more verbose.

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          1. Hello Ali. We went years ago when they were first trying to bring it back. I bet it is a lot better now. At one time Florida and other states all had these little roadside attractions before the big highways took the traffic away from them. Travelling was way more interesting back then, if a lot slower. Hugs

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        1. Hello Ali. Yes you are correct, we must always use legal means. As Cenk often says he likes to end his talks about fighting and winning in politics or against a person with ” .. and I mean politically”. As for being verbose, never fear. What is important is to get your message across clearly so take as much space and words as you feel you need. Best wishes. Hugs

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