Why The Left Can’t Be Scared Of Trans Rights

The left can’t be scared of loudly supporting rights for trans folks. A caller asks if progressives should focus their message on working-class issues, rather than something that could turn off blue-collar voters. Sam and Emma argue that leftists must lean into trans rights even more.

5 thoughts on “Why The Left Can’t Be Scared Of Trans Rights

    1. Working-class people will have to realize that we cannot afford to turn our nose up at any potential friendly vote on 11/08/22 now on 11/05/24 if we expect to stop all the dirty politics and laws being pushed by the MAGA/GOP element. That also has to include Republicans who see the damage being done by identity politics and nationalism.

      I just finished two of Heather Cox Richardson’s books and am about halfway through David Corn’s latest. (How The South Won The Civil War and To Make Men Free, A history of the Republican party, by HCR and American Psychosis, A historical investigation of how the Republican party went crazy, by David Corn.)

      We’ve heard the term ‘without precedence’ and ‘unprecedented’ until it is so polished it slips easily into every commentary on Trump, MAGA, Christian nationalism, GOP, capitalism, etc. The truth of the matter is that these are all recycled efforts by both parties going back to the very beginnings of our American history.

      The GOP goes full throttle at vilifying everyone else. The Democrat party needs to give full voice to the acceptance of Trans as well as all the Gay/Lesbian communities and all our minority communities and religions or non-religious people.

      How is it that those wonderful Christians give God the credit for every pregnancy, yet, if it does not meet their Christian expectations, they blame not themselves or God, but the innocent child they brought into the world?

      If we can’t lay aside our prejudices permanently, let us do it at least for the next two elections, so that we may save our democratic Republic.

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      1. Hello Cagjr. Well said, very well said. The republicans are trying to pick us apart and turn our big tent against us. That is because they are lock step allowing no differing opinions. That is why their party is shrinking and getting ever smaller. And why they are working so hard against democracy because they are a minority that wants to rule the majority. The Democrats are a large tent party that needs to be welcoming to diverse groups of people with different ideas. As long as we embrace inclusion / acceptance of differences as the guiding principle we will grow and in doing so grow more accepting of the diversity among us. Hugs

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    2. Hello Ali. Yes the word is people. I agree. Accepting that people are important and need rights over corporations or profits. The US government must return to working for the people rather than for only the corporations that use a desperate people for profit. Hugs

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