CNBC: Germany promised Ukraine weapons but hasn’t delivered. Now, anger toward Berlin is rising

Germany promised Ukraine weapons but hasn’t delivered. Now, anger toward Berlin is rising
Germany’s reticence has prompted critics to look for ulterior motives for its reluctance — with some citing World War II.

Read in CNBC:

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5 thoughts on “CNBC: Germany promised Ukraine weapons but hasn’t delivered. Now, anger toward Berlin is rising

        1. Hello Roger. Thank you. I had read like the top third of that article before. But the rest of it fills in the questions I had. But it does open more questions for me. Germany nationalized the refinery because they were worried that the Russian owners would either shut it down or sabotage it. I don’t know how many Russian workers there were there, but they would have to be replaced if they were a threat to the facility processing an alternative oil source. But having done that, I have to ask isn’t that what Cuba did decades ago and also what Venezuela did that has so pissed off the western world. They naturalized the nation’s resources / businesses for the good of the nation. I am sure other countries have done this and earned the anger of western countries. How will this play out with capitalists? Plus any idea where they will get the alternative oils from? The US is actually the largest exporter of oil which is something most people don’t know, could we supply them? But also what does this have to do with Germany not sending the weapons to Ukraine they promised? They already have pissed Russia off and have suffered the shutting down of the gas pipelines. In for a penny in for a pound? Hugs

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          1. So much Scottie depends on geo-political positioning in both place and time….
            Cuba and Venezuela being left-wing regimes out on a regional limb and not suiting the politics of neighbours faced difference responses.
            Germany will be working from a position of relative strength and as part of a west European coalition against Russia. As far as other capitals are concerned this is fine. It was Germany playing nice with Russia which worried them.
            I doubt if the USA would openly send oil to Germany, too overtly political. Germany might not like it as it would make them seem ‘small’ and helpless. Although whether deals are done in shadows through this operator and that operator, is another matter.
            Oil and weaponry are all but some of many factors in complex matrix (within a matrix) of a nation’s operations. A parallel might be FDR’s wishes to support Britian during The USA’s period of neutrality in 1940-1941.
            On the German Federal Govt page (www.bundesregierung) their English language information suggests the weapons are on their way.
            International Politics….No simple answers here folks….Never were.🤷🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️

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