Disturbing threats to NYC teen drag star lead to cancelation of ‘fun-filled’ event at NYPL


Thug rule!   This is how the right intends to have and keep power.  These are legal events that are not in any way offensive to normal people.   They are in public and well chaperoned.   Yet the republicans have made such wild statements their cult base thinks that all drag shows are a sexual orgy and that children are the star participants.   It is really just Halloween dress up.   This event was by teenagers for mostly teenagers.  But this really is like the brownshirts that Hillter used to enforce his ideas and push him into power.   These are gang thugs, the mentality of the Taliban.  Are we going to tolerate this in the US?  Where is law enforcement to say they won’t tolerate this terrorism against the people?   If this were a Muslim group threatening this stuff the authorities would be all over that group and would be protecting the library and insisting the events be held.   But because this is a gang of white Christian thugs forcing everyone to live by their morality and church doctrine the authorities tolerate it.   This has become the normal response by the right now to things they don’t like.    It started with masks in schools and Covid precautions where these thugs took over school board meetings and threatened violence to those board members who tried to implement the best practices of the medical community.    Trust me it will not stop at drag shows, trans people, the rest of the LGBTQ+.   It will be anything and any event the right doesn’t like.  It has already been tried at Democratic rallies, and it will get violent because the right believes they have the god given right to use force on others and that the republicans in charge will support them because they are working for republican goals.  Will they come for the Jews next?  Will they allow laws that they don’t like?  Is the US a nation of laws and equality?  Or are we a land of gang thugs that enforce a Taliban like vice patrol to enforce their views of what is acceptable that they will let the public do.   Hugs  

It was advertised as a “fun-filled afternoon” in a Bronx library with a “local celebrity/author who encourages you to embrace your own uniqueness.”

Instead, the free event planned at the Morrisania Library starring drag artist Desmond Napoles was canceled after the teenaged celebrity received hate-filled and violent threats — a trend that has led to many other family-oriented LGBTQ events being canceled across the nation.

Known by the stage name Desmond is Amazing, Desmond, 15, is an LGBTQ+ youth advocate, a published author and influencer with nearly 200,000 social media followers. The 15-year-old is also the owner of clothing line Be Amazing NYC.

Desmond was called “disgusting” and a range of slurs by a person using a recently created Instagram account who also threatened to use violence against Desmond and their family.

Desmond is Amazing wearing clothing from their clothing line, Be Amazing NYC.

“You need to be locked away in a dog kennel and thrown into the ocean,” read one of the 10 private messages sent to the teen, which were seen by the Daily News.

The nasty attacks on Desmond — a high school sophomore who likes to volunteer at the New York Public Library “because it’s really fun and it gives me something to do during the summer” — came after the Morrisania Library announced that Desmond would present two teen-focused sessions reading from their book, “Be Amazing: A History of Pride.”

The events were originally scheduled for Sept. 17 and 24. Late last week, however, both sessions had to be canceled following the threats, which were reported to NYPL officials and the NYPD.

“I’m going to that library, I’m going with a bucked of dog s–t and I’m pouring it on your parents and rubbing it into their eyes,” the hate-filled Instagram user wrote.


Desmond — who’s no stranger to threats, having performed as a drag artist for the past seven years — showed the messages to their mother, Wendy Napoles, who contacted the library.

Napoles, 45, figured they would be OK and that the person was “just another cyberbully” — something the family has encountered before. “But on Saturday, he called the library to find out if Desmond was still going to be there,” she told The News.

The person, a man with a phone number linked to a business in Louisiana, then went on an angry tirade, saying that such events should not be allowed at the library, calling Desmond “a little f—ot.” The library decided to cancel for the safety of everyone involved.

Amy Geduldig, an NYPL spokesperson, confirmed to The News that “the presenter of the programs has been experiencing harassment online and there were indications that the events would be disrupted by this harassment,” leading the branch to cancel the programs “out of an abundance of caution.”

Desmond was devastated and took the news as a “hit in the heart,” but the scrapping of the event is hardly an isolated incident.

Over the past few months, events involving drag performers in several U.S. states, including Illinois, California, Texas, Idaho and North Carolina, had to be canceled due to “increased threats of violence,” according to local authorities.

Earlier this week, a library in Chicago was forced to cancel a drag queen bingo “due to the severity of the threats made against the library,” while the Cool Beans Bar and Grill in Denton, Texas, pulled the plug on an all-age Disney-themed drag brunch after the host of a conservative program on Blaze TV urged her nearly 250,000 followers to help “shut it down.”

Desmond is Amazing

The owner of a bakery in suburban Chicago in July was forced to cancel a drag-hosted “Brunch at Night” event after the building “sustained significant damage” as the result of anti-LGBTQ vandalism. Earlier in the month, a drag performer at a Palm Springs bar faced “escalating threats” after right-wing outlets picked up a video she had shared on TikTok featuring a young girl joining her on stage and dancing to Donna Summer’s classic disco hit “Last Dance.”

In early June, a group of five members of the Proud Boys stormed into a library in San Lorenzo, Calif., to protest a Drag Queen Story Hour event. A few weeks later another protest took place in Woodland, near Sacramento, when police had to use pepper spray to control the situation.

Such cancellations and threats of violence are alarming for Napoles.

“These people are feeling more emboldened. You see them bragging that they’ve had a victory when they close down these events,” she said. Linking “this whole anti-LGBTQ rhetoric” to the 1950s, “where people believe now that gays were pedophiles,” she added, “This is bad.”

7 thoughts on “Disturbing threats to NYC teen drag star lead to cancelation of ‘fun-filled’ event at NYPL

    1. Hello Roger. Wow, my dogs that love gravy I never knew that. How scared the people must have been in those places and might even have joined so they could not be questioned or stopped. Hey I am one of you so just let me pass OK, type thing? Damn we have to stop this vigilante justice idea. Either we are a nation of laws or we are something out of a Mad Max movie. Hugs

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  1. Aww, it’s that stupid business with a You Tube in one nation being played in another nation. (I can never figure presentation rules on You Tube…or Face Book for that matter)
    If you look up the song ‘Strange Fruit’ Scottie, you should be able find a few links that will explain the grim reality of the lyrics.

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  2. For anyone wanting to know the lyrics of the song strange fruit I post them below. Roger is correct it is a powerful song and the lyrics hurt, a reminder of a past some want to return to. Hugs

    Strange Fruit

    Southern trees bear a strange fruit
    Blood on the leaves and blood at the root
    Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze
    Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees

    Pastoral scene of the gallant South
    The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth
    Scent of magnolia, sweet and fresh
    Then the sudden smell of burning flesh

    Here is a fruit for the crows to pluck
    For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck
    For the sun to rot, for the tree to drop
    Here is a strange and bitter crop

    Source: LyricFind

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