Randy sent this GOP Jesus ad. Thank You Randy. Hugs

6 thoughts on “Randy sent this GOP Jesus ad. Thank You Randy. Hugs

    1. Hello Roger. How sad the GOP god compared to the one you know. Talk about false gods and as you said the other day the Golden Calf. To me and remember I am an atheist this GOP god is very offensive. But once as a teenager trying to pray away my gay I fervently believed in a benevolent god that loved me. And this GOP god would be my nightmare back then. Hugs

      Oh and in case anyone is interested no amount of praying stopped the hated going to hell building need to touch myself for release nor the fact that my sexual attraction was to boys not girls. How any religious parent can put their kids through that agony knowing what they went through is beyond my human understanding. There is almost no male alive that did not masturbate as a teen and to force the idea that doing so will cause god to hate you on to their own kids is sickening, I think it is child abuse. It is one of the reasons I never believed in god as an adult. But then again Satan who supposedly I was conjuring never appeared either. And I had a lot of practice with the summoning and a lot of questions I wanted to ask him. 😀😲😳 Hugs

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