Staver: Passing Marriage Bill Will “Destroy America”- JMG

I personally think it is a mistake to wait until after the midterm election to put the bill on the Floor of the Senate.   Republicans have asked for this because they understand voting against it carries a penalty and so will voting for it.   If the vote against it the money and the independents might vote against them for their opponent.   But if they vote for it their own base will vote against them.  After the midterms and they win their races what is there to induce them to vote for it when they won’t have the threat of the independents voting for their opponents and their base will still turn against them if they vote for it.   The point is after the midterm election is over there is little to no downside to the republicans voting against it.   So what leverage the Democrats have now will be gone.   Sorry I don’t accept well they gave their word, we have seen how far you can trust that.   If this doesn’t pass then Schumer needs to be run out of the Senate.    But to the crap spewed by the liberty counsel and the cases they push demanding Christians be exempt from anti-discrimination laws and be allowed to take public money but not serve all the public like everyone else is required.   You know, they want special privileges.    They want the right to hate to be enshrined into law.   They demand that their religious doctrine be the laws of the land and everyone forced to live by them.  Meet the US Taliban.   Hugs

Via email from hate group leader Mat Staver:

Natural marriage keeps a culture strong. Sexual immorality and lack of monogamy kill a culture. If you want to destroy America, pass HR 8404. That is why we must warn members of the Senate to STOP HR 8404.

The “Respect for Marriage Act” will throw gasoline on the fire that is burning down marriage, family and the objective reality of gender in our nation!

Only six more Senate votes are needed to pass HR 8404. There are 16 Republican senators who have not publicly committed how they will vote on this bill. Rush your urgent faxes to every senator you can to block this bill.

The time to turn back the unbridled Jezebel spirit poisoning American minds, bodies and culture is NOW! It is successfully perverting a third American generation and destroying our Judeo-Christian culture before our eyes!

Liberty Counsel is fighting for the soul of America by fighting disastrous policies like HR 8404, and by defending religious freedom and life in state and federal courtrooms across America. But we are only able to perform this mission-critical work because of faithful supporters like YOU.

Won’t you prayerfully consider making a recurring monthly donation to fund this intensifying legal battle for religious freedom? Every donation made today will be DOUBLED IN IMPACT by a Challenge Grant. Thank you in advance.

Earlier this month Staver claimed that the bill will legalize pedophilia, polygamy, incestuous marriages, and “child brides.”

Houndentenor heleninedinburgh • an hour ago

In the years since gay marriage was passed (first in states and then federally) they can’t find examples of damage to society? They keep claiming it does harm but can’t even think of isolated examples?

The same for gays in the military. All that uproar and panic. Not one story of problems. (As a younger relative in the navy told me, “We all already pretty much knew who was gay and we didn’t care before and we don’t care now.”)

Houndentenor • an hour ago

Their prophecies of doom and gloom never come true but they always keep pushing that doom off into the future and somehow there are millions of people believing them. Of course, religion has been doing this shit for millenia.

Cel • an hour ago

We gays have been able to marry in the US for 17 years. America should be completely “destroyed” by now HAHAHA!

Elagabalus • an hour ago

“Natural marriage,” as though animals in the wild “marry” one another. I detest the way these bigots usurp terms that bolster their side while being a put-down to the other. And didn’t we hear all this scare-mongering before Obergefell which never materialized? Damn these bigots!

clay Elagabalus • an hour ago

“Natural marriage”, like “natural law”, is US Protestants aping Roman Catholic theology because enforcing their gender ideals is more important to them than honest originality.

heleninedinburgh • an hour ago

If the US can be destroyed by people getting married it can’t have been that good in the first place.

Bikeguylarry (AKA John Doe) • an hour ago

“Lack of monogamy?”

Quit cheating on your spouse’s by diddling kids.

clay Bikeguylarry (AKA John Doe) • an hour ago

They’ve already pushed “covenant marriage” as a contrast to equal legal recognition of same-sex marriages. Interesting that it hasn’t taken off anywhere once the straights realize it’s just a way to go back to outlawing (straight) divorce. (Under covenant marriages same-sex divorces would still be legal, since they weren’t *real* marriages to begin with.)

Melissia • an hour ago

An entire generation of young adults and soon-to-be young adults has grown up with marriage equality all their lives, and the USA is still here– despite the best efforts of Trump and the Republican party.

rmthunter • an hour ago

“Natural marriage” — does that include marriage between one man and several women? One woman and several men, as in one cultlure in Africa? What about thoe peoples in China that don’t recognize marriage at all?

Come to think of it, there’s nothing “natural” about marriage to begin with — it’s purely a human cultural institution.

As for “fighting for America’s soul”, I don’t doubt that for a minute. I just don’t like what you plan to do with it.

Yves R. Mektin • an hour ago

Oh noes! Not “child brides”, Mat! You and your cohorts are the ones trying to make them give birth at age 10.

Teslaac • an hour ago • edited

oh look two two natural penguins not giving a rat’s ass what matty thinks or who he is.

pragDem • an hour ago

“Rush your urgent faxes to every senator you can to block this bill.”


John • an hour ago

So, to encourage monogamy, we must limit marriage to only certain groups of people? And that will help, how, exactly?

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